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Let's Talk About Uneven Breasts

Get the silhouette you’ve been missing with a breast shaper that adjusts perfectly to your body.

To mark the launch of our latest breast shaper, we want to let women dealing with the issue know that they’re not alone. We’re determined to raise awareness of breast asymmetry, and to help more women discover solutions. Silicone breast shapers like Balance Adapt Air are a gentle and non-invasive solution for restoring symmetry and rebuilding confidence after partial removal of the breast after breast cancer or other diseases and in the case of breast malformation or degeneration.

Uneven breasts… it’s not the easiest thing to talk about. But, for many women after breast cancer therapy, they’re a fact of life. Breast asymmetry often begins not long after the treatment and recovery process. As well as being emotionally troubling, uneven breasts can also lead to physical difficulties when the asymmetry is very pronounced. In these cases, the difference in weight could possibly lead to poor posture, which in turn could cause tension in the neck, shoulders and back.

Keep reading to find out more Balance Adapt Air and our full range of breast shapers. And look out for the #unevenbreasts hashtag on social media.

Why should I wear a shaper? 

Breast asymmetry is a common challenge for women after breast conserving surgery or reconstruction following a breast cancer diagnosis.
For many women, the asymmetry typically begins not long after the treatment and recovery process and can have a serious impact on their quality of life. 

As well as psychological issues, women can also suffer from tension and pain in the back, shoulder or neck caused by 
the weight imbalance. And many experience irritation and discomfort because their bra no longer fits the way it used to. 
A silicone breast shaper can be a great non-invasive solution for restoring symmetry and rebuilding confidence. 

For optimal results it is important to wear a bra that fits right, here you can read more on how a bra should fit  and what features makes the Amoena bras special. 

    without shaper →with Balance Adapt Air

    What is a shaper?

    Put simply, shapers are silicone moulds you wear in your bra next to your skin to restore breast symmetry. There are many different sizes and shapes so we recommend you always seek out a professional fitter. Our shapers are produced in a high-quality silicone which provides and exceptionally natrual fit and feeling. Additionally our patented Comfort+ technology absorbs, stores and releases body heat to help regulate and balance fluctuations in body temperature for ultimate comfort all day.

    Who can wear them?

    Shapers are a popular solution among women:

    • With natural breast asymmetry or breast malformation
    • After breast-conserving surgery
    • After multiple biopsies
    • After a reconstruction with changes over time
    • During expander therapy prior to a reconstruction

    How do I get a shaper?

    1. First, make an appointment with your doctor and ask for a prescription.
    2. Then find a medical retailer close to you and get a professional fitting. 
      Find your closest retailer here! »


    How do I wear a shaper?

    Wearing a shaper is easy and comfortable. You can wear it just inside a properly fitted bra directly against the skin. We recommend you wear an Amoena bra together with a shaper. The special design (higher cut at the front and sides) ensures that the shaper is kept in place.

    The breast shaper that adjusts perfectly to your body

    Balance Adapt Air is our most innovative shaper yet. It’s designed with an air chamber that makes it easy to adjust the shaper so it meets your needs. Simply use the pump to fine-tune the fit and volume of the shaper until it suits the natural curve of your breast and sits comfortably against your skin. Balance Adapt Air is especially suitable for you, if you are dealing with uneven scar area or uneven remaining breast, weight fluctuations or swelling due to lymphoedema.

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     Balance Adapt Air Medium Delta
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     Balance Adapt Air Special Varia
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     Our innovative Adapt Air
    technology has been awarded
    with two renowned

    Why shapers are the solution

    Today, 70 – 80 % of all breast cancer cases are treated with a breast-conserving therapy. The tumor is removed in such a way as to preserve as much natural breast tissue as possible. Others might decide they need additional surgery if the imbalance is more pronounced. But there is a simpler solution: breast shapers. 

    The extent and type of asymmetry differs from patient to patient. We offer you a comprehensive range of shapers to meet specific needs: 

    We strongly recommend visiting a close retailer and making an appointment with a fitter who help you find the right size and shape to get back your symmetry. 
    Find your closest retailer here! »


    The ideal choice for compensating for missing volume across the entire breast.


    A partial shaper that replaces volume the lower part of the breast and can be used to push up the entire breast.


    A double-purpose shaper for accommodating small differences in cup volume and which can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.


    A versatile shaper that can be positioned for many different fitting options.


    If you want to know more about our different shapers in detail, explore our whole range of breast shapers »

    If you want to know more about our different shapers in detail, explore our whole range of breast shapers »


    If you are interested in getting shapers don't forget to look for an Amoena special bra. It will keep the shaper perfectly in place because of it's design with higher cut at the front at sides.