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Newfound Strength - Suzanne from the US

Suzanne's path was accompanied by heartache, depression but also great strength!

As part of our series from the Amoena Life magazine: Suzanne had a bilateral mastectomy in 2000/2001. Her life changed radically afterwards. 

Suzanne realizes she is one of the lucky women, as far as medical coverage is concerned—her surgeries and treatments were covered under her employment-based health insurance with a well-known U.S. insurance company. But her journey was full of healthcare delivery problems. “I vaguely remember receiving a [post-mammogram] phone call saying, ‘Something suspicious, but not cancer,’” she says. In fact, Suzanne got that message twice more, but after several additional tests, a surgeon she had never seen before asked her abruptly, “What are we going to do about your breast cancer?” 

To say she was shocked is an understatement. 

In retrospect, Suzanne wishes that she’d been given better information and the compassion she knows she deserved. This fast-paced, impersonal care is one of the common complaints about U.S. healthcare; as a prime example, when she asked her insurance company about support groups in her area, they suggested that she start her own! She also says that her recovery time in the hospital was too short — she felt “pushed out the door.” 

Like many women, her journey included heartbreak, depression and ultimately, newfound strength. Suzanne left her unsupportive husband, lost more than 7st in weight and started wearing Amoena Contact breast forms, which she has loved. Despite 12 years of saying “no more” to hospitals and surgeries, Suzanne’s currently making her second attempt at reconstruction.

Contact breast forms helped Suzanne regain confidence. 
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