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Everything you need to know about post-operative bras

We’ve addressed common questions about post-operative bras to provide information and support for those navigating life after breast cancer.

Everything you need to know about post-operative bras

Everything you need to know about post-operative bras

Finding the perfect post-surgery bra is key to feeling comfortable and confident on your healing journey. We’ve addressed some common questions to guide you in making well-informed choices when it comes to picking your post-operative bra.

What is a post-operative bra?

A post-operative mastectomy bra is a specially designed garment for individuals who have undergone a mastectomy or breast surgery. These bras are crafted to provide gentle compression, promote healing, and enhance the overall post-surgery experience.

Why do I need a post-operative mastectomy bra?

Post-operative bras offer crucial support during the recovery phase. They are designed with features such as front closures, adjustable straps, and soft materials to minimize discomfort and promote healing. These bras also help maintain proper shape and alignment during the healing process.

When should I start wearing a post-operative mastectomy bra?

It's typically recommended to start wearing a post-operative mastectomy bra immediately after surgery, as soon as your healthcare professional gives you the green light. These bras are designed to provide comfort during the initial stages of recovery when the surgical site may be sensitive.

How is a post-operative mastectomy bra different from regular bras?

Post-operative bras are specifically designed to address the unique needs of individuals who have undergone a mastectomy or breast surgery. They often feature pockets to hold breast forms or prostheses, soft seams, and gentle materials to avoid irritation on sensitive skin.

Can I wear a post-operative mastectomy bra with breast forms or prostheses?

Yes, many post-operative mastectomy bras come with built-in pockets to accommodate breast forms or prostheses. These pockets provide a secure and discreet fit, allowing you to regain a natural and balanced silhouette.

How do I choose the right size for a post-operative mastectomy bra?

It's crucial to consult with a certified mastectomy fitter or healthcare professional to determine the appropriate size for your post-operative bra. Factors such as swelling, changes in breast size, and individual preferences will be taken into account to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit.

Can I sleep in a post-operative mastectomy bra?

Many post-operative bras are designed for 24/7 wear, including during sleep. However, it's essential to follow your healthcare professional's advice regarding when and how long to wear the bra based on your specific recovery needs.

How do I care for my post-operative mastectomy bra?

Follow the care instructions provided for your specific bra. Generally, hand washing with a gentle detergent and air drying is recommended to preserve the elasticity and integrity of the fabric. Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can break down the fibres and affect the support of the bra.

Remember, always consult with your healthcare professional for personalised advice and recommendations based on your unique recovery journey.