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Dive into confidence with Amoena's aqua wave breast form for swimming

The aqua wave breast form is a game-changer designed specifically for swimming, ensuring that you can enjoy the water with style and ease. Read on to find out more.

Aqua wave: a breast form for swimming - Amoena

Embracing an active lifestyle is empowering, and for many women, participating in water activities is a source of joy. We understand the importance of supporting you on your journey to confidence and comfort. Introducing the aqua wave breast form – a game- changer designed specifically for swimming, ensuring that you can enjoy the water.

A splash of innovation

Our Aqua Wave Breast Form stands out, this unique breast form is made from a special blue silicone that not only complements the natural contours of the body but also blends seamlessly. Its water-resistant nature ensures a worry-free swim, allowing you to focus on having a good time.

Designed for convenience

One of the key features that make the aqua wave breast form stand out is its practicality. The form is designed to be left securely in the pocket of your swimsuit, offering an extra layer of convenience and security. This means no more readjusting or concerns about the form shifting during your swim.

Quick-drying magic

The aqua wave breast form is not only water-resistant but also boasts a quick-drying feature. After your swim, you won't be left with a soggy breast form. The quick-drying technology ensures that you can transition seamlessly from the water to your post-swim activities without discomfort.

On-the-go solution

To further enhance the convenience, we provide a handy water-resistant bag with each purchase. This thoughtfully designed bag is ideal for carrying your aqua wave breast form, keeping them organised and protected.

In the realm of breast care solutions, we’re offering a blend of functionality, convenience, and style, with our aqua wave breast form. Dive into confidence and experience the freedom to enjoy the water.