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Superior Quality by Amoena

Excellence in innovation, quality and care – since 1975

Amoena invented the silicone breast form in 1975 and it quickly became the industry standard. 


The original - hand made in Germany 
As originator of the silicone breast form, we have used our decades of experience to establish unique manufacturing processes that produce the most durable, skin-friendly, lifelike breast forms. We use our own exclusive silicone formulations and we test raw materials to fulfill our strict quality requirements. Our breast forms are tested for endurance and their ability to maintain shape, colour, consistency and softness during prolonged wear and in a variety of situations, including temperature change and impact. 

Unique solutions 
Our product range includes innovative, forward-looking solutions that are unique to Amoena. We conduct extensive wear tests for comfort, ease of use and suitability to individual surgery types and lifestyles. As well as working closely with customers, we develop our breast forms in collaboration with doctors, surgeons and nurses to ensure that they accommodate the latest worldwide surgery techniques. 

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World-class innovation
Amoena’s world-leading innovation has resulted in a long history of patented materials, products and manufacturing methods. With a global innovation network that draws input from 60 countries, our research and development team collaborates with universities and scientists across many disciplines. Our in-house experts incorporate this knowledge into their constant search for new ways to transfer the latest scientific developments into breast form technology. 

Global market support 
Supporting the broadest product range in the industry, our retailers can rely on Amoena’s highly trained fit specialists to offer faultless back-up across the globe. Our expert trainers have decades of experience working with women who have undergone breast surgery and educating nurses and fit specialists. Amoena serves more than half a million women in over 60 countries worldwide. 

Impeccable industry credentials 
Amoena’s commitment to excellence encompasses a proactive approach to quality benchmarking within the breast form industry. We were proud to be the first to receive industry certification in 1992. Our internationally recognized and approved standards bear witness to Amoena’s industry-leading quality and environmental management credentials.