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Becoming the Industry Leader

45 years of growth and innovation have made Amoena the industry leader.

Amoena company breast form supplier Amoena was the first company to introduce revolutionary breast form innovations for breast cancer survivors.

Unlike the other breast prosthesis suppliers, Cornelius Rechenberg was never satisfied with the status quo of breast forms. He continued to research ways to further innovate product design and comfort to create a form that felt more natural.

In 1984, Amoena introduced a 2-layer breast form with a firm silicone ‘ring’ on the rear side to stabilise the form in the bra and a new shape that replicated the anatomy of a woman’s breast. 


Technological advancement and diversification 

Amoena has registered almost 20 patent families and has a history rich in growth, technological advancements and diversification.

Here’s a glimpse at some of our proudest moments. 

  • 1984 Introduction of 2-layer breast forms 
  • 1988 Introduced patented Flowable Gel Back Layer breast forms 
  • 1989 Founded first Amoena subsidiaries in Europe 
  • 1992 First generation attachable breast forms after a patented manufacturing method 
  • 1992 Introduced a line of lingerie for breast cancer survivors post-surgery 
  • 1996 Launched pocketed swimwear 
  • 1996 Introduced lightweight silicone breast forms after a patented manufacturing method 
  • 1996 Introduced second generation attachable breast forms after a patented manufacturing method 
  • 2000 Introduced third generation attachable breast forms after a patented manufacturing method 
  • 2001 Patented Moldable Back Layer breast forms 
  • 2004 Introduced Tawny Lightweight breast forms 
  • 2005 Introduced patented Climate breast forms 
  • 2008 Patented Comfort+ Technology breast forms 
  • 2010 Introduced Amoena Energy breast forms with 3D pearl surface 
  • 2010 Launched Amoena's first bra product line designed for the general female consumer, Amoena Mia 
  • 2019 -  Introduced Adapt Air breast form - individually adjustable mastectomy prosthesis 

Investment in growth 

Whereas Cornelius initially had little or no interest from our industry, Amoena’s monumental growth and our position as industry leader eventually captured the attention of other companies.

In 1994, Amoena Germany merged with the Breast Care Division of Coloplast A/S DK and eventually all Coloplast Breast Care subsidiaries became Amoena subsidiaries. Then, in 2007, Granville Baird Capital Partners invested in the Amoena Group because of our position as the global market leader.

Amoena serves worldwide post-mastectomy markets including North and Central America, Europe, the Far East, Africa and the Pacific Rim. We market products through hospitals and clinics, and through thousands of specialist boutiques and high-end retailers.

Cornelius's influence continues 

Cornelius Rechenberg had a vision and a steadfast determination to revolutionize the manufacturing process of breast forms. Although he passed away in 2001, his influence continues to guide our company’s mission and values. We remain committed to Cornelius’s vision and the women we proudly serve.