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The Importance of Getting a Good Fit

We trust your Certified Fit Specialist – you should, too

How and When to See the Mastectomy FitterIf you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve made an important decision, and you’re exploring breast forms. You have come to the right place. Amoena has guided women like you for the past 45 years, and we’re anxious to put you at ease.

First things first: We strongly encourage you to rely on the professional services of a certified fit specialist for your breast form fitting and purchase. 

Amoena retailers and their on-staff fitters are trained and experienced to best help you determine which bras and breast forms fit you and your lifestyle. Many of them are survivors, themselves, and wear our products. For women who have experienced breast surgery, a good fitter can be a lifesaver.

  Many women develop long term professional relationships with their fitters and consider them a member of their health care team. Choosing a breast form is a very personal decision; we think it merits personal attention and an in-store experience at an Amoena retailer.

How and When to See the Mastectomy Fitter

About six to eight weeks after breast surgery it will be time to see the post-mastectomy fitter. By this time your incisions should be healed. 

A yearly visit to your retailer is a good idea. Women’s bodies change in response to hormonal changes and weight fluctuations. The natural breast will change in response to these factors and a change in your breast form may be needed to maintain symmetry. Post-mastectomy fitting is really equal parts art and science. The fitter will first assess you to evaluate what is needed, then she’ll put her art form to work.

To find a certified mastectomy fitter near you, visit the Amoena Store Locator.