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Amoena Breast Cancer Stories and Support magazine - Amoena4Life
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Amoena mastectomy swimwear bikinis, tankinis, one-piece swimsuits and swimdresses for 4 Body Types
Which Swimsuit Suits My Body Shape?
Match Amoena swimwear to your body type: Are you an A, O, V, or X shape? Find out, then find your best match!
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Amoena Contact Adhesive Breast Form - breast cancer survivor story and experience q&a
20 Years with Her Contact Adhesive Breast Form
The proof is in the product itself: An up-close interview Q&A with our original Contact survivor model, Beate
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Jacquie Beltrao Talks About Breast Cancer
Jacquie Beltrao Wants to Talk About Breast Cancer
TV news presenter Jacquie Beltrao on being a ‘poster girl’ for breast cancer survivors.
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„Mit den Operationstechniken verändern sich die Anforderungen“
“The surgical techniques change the requirements”
Amoena Global Head of Silicones Development goes behind the scenes: How breast forms help after mastectomy
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traveling with your silicon breast form
Travelling with your Silicone Breast Form
Travelling with your silicone breast form
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Shop Your Shape
Find the Best Bra for Shape and Support
Which bra will fit you best? We'll help with that: Shop for your shape with these tips.
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breast cancer - support meeting
Girl Talk: Get the Breast Cancer Info You Need
Jo Franks, a breast surgeon, gives women the space they need to talk about breast cancer issues and decisions.
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poland syndrome experience
I Have Uneven Breasts Due to Poland Syndrome
Breast forms aren’t just for post mastectomy. Rebecca Butcher has Poland Syndrome & loves Amoena prostheses.
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sport bras
Get the Right Sports Bra for Your Workout
Make sure you wear the right bra for every workout
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Your Options After Reconstruction
Your Options After Breast Surgery
If breast surgery left you still feeling uneven, try this
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the benefits of swimming after breast surgery
Benefits of Swimming After Breast Surgery
Dive in! You can and should swim after breast surgery. Get our swimming tips.
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breast cancer survivor travel tips Lymphedema Prevention
How to Travel (the World!) After Breast Cancer
One woman’s travel tips and tricks will take you wherever you want to go
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Lumpectomy, Bras and Inserts: What You Should Know
Lumpectomy, Bras and Inserts: What You Should Know
Lumpectomy does have its after-effects. Maybe you’ve heard of “chicken fillets?”
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