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Go backAmoena Supports Empowered Women in Its Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

Explore the design inspiration behind our latest pocketed lingerie and clothing.


For Autumn/Winter 2018, Amoena has harnessed the cultural climate of women empowering women all over the world, using dramatic colours and textures to illustrate the influence of women through the ages.


The design leader in mastectomy lingerie, swimwear, active wear and tops for women who have experienced breast cancer, Amoena knows how women have shaped history — and continue to influence the world — and what that means for brands who succeed. 


“We’re tapped into this current movement where women are holding the world’s businesses and civic leaders to a much higher standard” 

explains Dirk Müller, Senior VP for Pocketed Apparel at Amoena.


“We’ve long championed the women who wear our products,” he says, “and the fact that women are standing up to be heard more than ever before gives us further resolve to support them in every way.” The company’s history as a pioneer in supporting women after breast cancer creates a particularly strong foundation for such a mission.

New, limited edition pocketed lingerie, swimwear, active wear and tops offered this autumn will entice shoppers who wear breast prostheses — and those who don’t.

The designs, inspired by global culture — both the buzz of our media age and the earthy, natural heart of humanity — are on par with the world’s top fashion houses. 

mastectomy soft bra Amoena

A bold floral print appears in the Audrey lingerie group, and again in a seasonal Active wear set. Captivating lace details and dark colour pairings in the Seduction lingerie collection remain elegant and sophisticated. Lace and embroidery are set off by smooth cups and nude underlay illusions.

As always, casual Leisure wear bridges day to nighttime, and for working out, Active tops give women more reason to practice wise self-care and manage their health. Invisible pockets can hold a breast prosthesis and built-in bras mean there’s no need to double-up with extra, uncomfortable layers.

Throughout the collection, the expert craftsmanship Amoena is known for, its attention to comfort in every style, from bra straps to padded closures to elastic laces, is equally matched by the stylish character of each piece.

Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection Overview


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Amoena’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection brings both modern intensity and the romantic calm of nature to the design table, creating a mastectomy clothing landscape that’s bound only by the imagination. The collections are meant to be seen together as a cohesive fashion story. 

We take pride in our consistent offering of a 24/7 collection specially designed to add choice and versatility to a woman’s wardrobe. Each segment in the collection is thoughtfully curated and boasts performance features that let you move freely.


Everyday and Seduction lingerie


amoena mastectomy bra

A natural but intense colour palette characterizes the Everyday lingerie collection; romantic neutrals, navy and burgundy come together for a comforting feeling:

  • The new Blair bra group prioritizes romance — with vintage lace on the cups and at the front of the matching panty, available in both dusty lilac and royal blue.
  • Mila, a new bra design in black as well as a feminine wild rose, features intriguing stripes and seems lighter by its mesh-over-nude styling at the cups

Drama and lace define the Seduction line this season, with mystical colours, geometric lines, and some modern favourites in new colourways: 

  • The Aurelie lace bra group returns in dark blue, highlighting its dramatic lace detailing and golden fasteners and adjusters, for heightened elegance.
  • Seductive fantasy mesh gives the new Charlize group its distinctively sexy look, with a wide decorative band across the bra cup as an especially powerful detail.


Active Wear


amoena mastectomy sports bra

It’s all about racerbacks and convertible straps options in Amoena Active wear for the season, supporting good habits with chic, comfortable workout wear and built-in pocketed bras:

  • Our popular Zipper Wire-free Sports Bra and the Crossed Strap Top give you a racerback style — and excellent pocketed fitness support — in two new ways.
  • A modern flower print gets active in the Sports Top and Long Tights and matches the Audrey bra in Everyday for merchandising continuity.


Leisure Wear


amoena mastectomy clothing with build-in bra

Our pocketed clothing collection includes Leisure wear for home, career pieces that travel well, and layering options: 

  • Last spring’s well-received Rib Top returns in classic black, to help build your basics wardrobe with pocketed tops.
  • Fan favourite Valletta — our strappy top with a built-in bra — is a must-have in new colours for autumn, royal blue and dark burgundy.

Take a closer look at the Autumn 2018 Collection online and in stores.