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Natura Light 1S 664 Breast Form - Ivory

Order Code: 664
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  • Designed to drape like a natural breast so that it moves with the body, even flattening when a woman lies down
  • InTouch Light Silicone creates an ultra-soft breast form with the most natural appearance and feel possible
  • Shallow cup fitting, high soft transition to upper chest wall where less volume is needed
  • Symmetrical shape - can be worn on either the left or right side
  • Reduced weight, InTouch Light silicone on the inside, Comfort+ technology integrated into the reduced weight silicone, clear gel back
  • PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material
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Amoena Natura breast forms provide the most natural look and feel. A comprehensive portfolio of our most popular form segment offers versatile fitting options. Each form has our patented integrated Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology (made by Outlast�) that helps reduce perspiration behind the form for all day, every day comfort.




PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material




Instructions for use


Following breast surgery you want to be sure that your breast for fits beautifully and looks natural. The Amoena Natura range of breast forms are designed to drape softly, so that they closely resemble the fall of a woman's own breast. With an outline that's as natural as it was before surgery, you'll feel comfortable and confident - and no-one will know you're wearing a breast form.

Key benefits

  • Improved comfort and effortless all-day wear
  • Soft texture - Natura ultra-soft silicone layer
  • Fresh feel, temperature-balancing layer
  • Covered in the new super-soft film for a silky touch
  • Weight reduction on Light & Cosmetic forms helps alleviate shoulder, neck and back strain
  • Natura breast forms are supplied in a soft carry-case for discreet storage.

Shipping charges are as follows :

Option Price Approx. time
Standard $6.95 or FREE on orders over $50  3-5 working days.
Express $19.95 Order before 3pm EST & delivered within 2 - 3 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I need to order new forms. What I have is ...


I need to order new forms. What I have is Amoena Natura 1S 663 sz 7 Do you still have this form? I would need 2. I have Medicare and Cigna. Please can you assist me. Thank you, Cheryl


Amoena does still make the Natura 1S Light Breast Form (664).  Currently, Amoena does not sell partials or breast forms online, because we understand the importance of getting the right fit. We offer product information for all our breast forms so that consumers are aware about their product options.  At this time, we unable to file or handle any insurance claims for online customer purchases.   Please feel free to visit our website to find a local retailer near that would be more than happy to help handle that for you.

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I now have a Essential 556. I had years ago a ...


I now have a Essential 556. I had years ago a prosthesis that looked like a tear drop to me I'm looking at Essential 630 or Natura 664 I was switched to 556 because they quit making my first prosthesis. Do you have any suggestions?


If you are interested in a light weight breast form, try the Natura Xtra Light 1SN 401.  The Essential 630 1S and the Natura Light 664 1S are also tear drop design breast forms that would work. Please visit our website to find a retailer in your area that would be happy to assist you with fitting and purchasing an Amoena breast form.

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I have a 2s in Natura light size 3 but I really...


I have a 2s in Natura light size 3 but I really think the 1 s would fit better. Would it still be size 3?


Yes, the size would always be the same if you changed to a different breast forms.  The 2S and 1S are related to the breast form shape, not the number size.  Use the following link to learn more about Amoena breast forms fittings.


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