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Welcome to Amoena Mastectomy Fitter Training!

Thank you for choosing Amoena as your trusted partner in breast care training and education.

At Amoena, we understand the importance of convenient options for your training needs.

Get ready to elevate your skills, knowledge, and confidence. We are excited to have you on board, and we can't wait to empower you with the tools you need for success.

What is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter?

Certified Mastectomy Fitters are specialized health professionals dedicated to enhancing the well-being of post-breast surgery patients. With expertise in assessing, planning, and implementing personalized treatment, Mastectomy Fitters ensure proper fitting and adjustment of external breast prostheses, partial breast prostheses (aka shapers), bras, and related supplies. They uphold patient welfare and professional integrity, playing a vital role in the physical and emotional recovery of individuals by providing essential instruction and support.

Becoming certified means you have made a commitment to one of the National Boards: ABCOP(American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics) or BOC(Board for Orthotists/Prosthetists Certification)


How do I begin?

Taking the board approved, Introductory Fit Course (pre-certification course) is the very first step to beginning your career as a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. The course is a pre-certification course that provides comprehensive instruction, and practical, hands-on fitting experience. You will master key fitting techniques, preparing you for the ABCOP or BOC certification exams.

The curriculum encompasses a broad range of subjects, from musculoskeletal anatomy and post-surgical considerations to ethical standards and regulatory guidelines. Skills you will gain include clinical examinations, treatment plan development, and precise measurement and fitting of post-mastectomy items. Emphasis is placed on patient engagement, ensuring a thorough understanding of medical history, expectations, and goals. The curriculum also highlights the collaborative aspect, involving other healthcare professionals, and appropriate referrals for interventions beyond the mastectomy fitter's scope of practice.


What if I am already certified, and seeking continuing education?

If you are already certified, the Introductory Fit Course is a wonderful way to refresh and update your knowledge and skills. Continuing education credits are reported on your behalf, after your complete participation, to ABCOP or BOC. The Intro courses are approved for 8 CEUs (7 science, 1 business) from ABCOP, and 9.5 CEUs (7 scientific, 2.5 business) from BOC.

We also offer three short continuing education courses individually.

Advanced / Continuing Education Options $35 - $75

The Amoena Advanced Courses are completed using our interactive eLearning platform, Amoena Academy. You will have access to the training for 5 days. If additional time is required, you must purchase the course again. All sections must be completed to earn CEUs.

  • Breast Cancer & the Lymphatic System ($35)
  •   2.5 Sci CEUs (BOC) / 2.25 Sci CEUs (ABCOP)  
  •   Average time required to complete: 3 hours
  • New Amoena Academy registration is not necessary to return users. Simply log in using your previously created user name and password.
  • CEUs are reported each 30 days by Amoena.
  • Wound Healing, Scars and Compression (price/CEUs to come)
  • Fitting Shapers: Understanding Partial Breast Forms (price/CEUs to come)


Course Schedule and Options

We are now offering a hybrid approach to Amoena Fit Specialist Courses. This means, you will log into a platform called Amoena Academy, and learn a portion of the material at your own pace. For most students, the Amoena Academy learning requires four to five hours. You can do as much or as little at a time as you like. *You will have access to the Academy until the date of your course; maximum access time will be four weeks if you register early.

After that part is complete, you will join your instructor, and other students live on Zoom (Virtual), or live at a hotel location (In-Person) for the hands-on practice and more. The schedule is linked below. Simply click “Register Now” below the course schedule to begin. Remember, you will need to set aside time to work on the four hours of distance learning material in the Amoena Academy PRIOR to your scheduled, live meeting. Once you register, you will be emailed detailed instructions for your specific course. If you have questions, just email your instructor at

In-Person Introductory Course $135

You will start by completing the digital learning material in the Amoena Academy online portal. For most students, the Amoena Academy requires four hours. You can do as much, or as little at a time as you like.

After that part is complete, you will join your instructor and other students at the live course. We hold these courses in metro areas, typically near an airport, or major highway for travel convenience. A welcome brunch is included for all in-person courses. Each course includes hand-on fitting practice with live, breast-operated models. If you are seeking additional fitting hours, you may stick around after the official course is complete for 3 additional hours of instruction and practice.

Virtual Introductory Course $75

If traveling is not possible for you, a fully virtual course may be a better fit. You will start by completing the digital learning material in the Amoena Academy online portal. For most students, the Amoena Academy requires four hours, but you can do as much or as little at a time as you like.

After you register, we will email you detailed instructions.