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Lingerie and Swimwear Measuring Guide

It is important to measure yourself each time you consider purchasing a new bra

It is important to measure yourself each time you consider purchasing a new bra. Remember, your bra size can change due to age, diet or medication. To determine your bra size follow the instructions shown below: 


Band Size (underbust) 

1. While wearing a bra, measure around your body directly at the bra band (A). The tape measure should be snug.
2. Start at 0 on the tape. If the measurement is an even number, add 4". If the measurement is an odd number, add 5".
3. The result is the BAND size. Use the chart below as a guide.

  bra band measurement 

bra band measurement chart

Cup Size  

1. Next, with your thumbnail at 0 on the measuring tape, place your thumb against the center of your bra cup, right at the nipple.
2. Use your other hand to extend the tape down to the center of the bra band and note the measurement (B).
3. Follow the chart below as a guide to identifying your CUP size.

bra cup size measurement B 

bra cup size chart

Swimwear Sizes 

Measure your bra band and cup size as shown above. Then measure your waist and hips circumference.

To ensure the best fit possible, most of our swimsuits and bikinis are available in different cup sizes. Most styles are available in either a B or C cup fitting, with a smaller selection available in A and D fittings. When measuring for swimwear, use this Cup Size chart:

swimwear cup chart

Then use all your measurements and the chart below to find your swimwear size on the left:

swimwear size chart


You can find more sizing charts, for Recovery Care garments and Leisure/Active Tops, on our product pages.

Remember that your local Amoena fitter is a great source for information and can easily fit you in the right size. Find a retailer near you.