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Amoena Recovery Care was specially developed for the time immediately after breast surgery, and supports the healing process in a variety of ways. Regardless of the individual challenges of different surgical methods, such as full mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction, our products help women feel secure and confident during their time of recovery.

POST OP BHS Post-Surgical Bras
Our seamless post-surgical bras were specially developed for women after breast surgery to stabilize the surgical area. In this way, they provide supportive hold even during sudden, uncomfortable movements such as sneezing and coughing. Post-op bras help with healing, protect the sensitive tissue, reduce irritation and can help alleviate discomfort.

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Comfortable and user-friendly, our comfort bras and tops are developed for the post-operative phase. They are particularly suitable for the period after the wound heals (6-8 weeks after surgery), when the skin and fresh scar tissue are still very sensitive.

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NARBENTHERAPIE MIT KOMPRESSION Scar therapy with compression
The use of a scar compression garment significantly minimizes the risk of excessive scarring at the surgical site. This is why our CuraScar textiles are an ideal choice after aesthetic or reconstructive surgery. Applied early, CuraScar textiles can support wound healing and help stabilize the surgical outcome.

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Visual symmetry despite incomplete wound healing? The Amoena Priform makes it possible. Our soft, fabric form with breathable cotton fabric on the back was specially developed for temporary use directly after surgery and during radiation treatment. With its smooth, seamless shape, it fits perfectly into the pocket of an Amoena recovery care garment.

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NARBENTHERAPIE MIT SILIKON Scar therapy with silicone
Our CuraScar silicones have been developed for the optimal care of scars resulting from surgery. Scar therapy with compression garments and silicone patches can reduce the visibility of the scar and improve texture of the scar tissue. Applied after complete wound closure, CuraScar silicones can positively influence scar healing.

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CuraLymph Lymph Care Concept
The Amoena Lymph Care Concept supports patients after breast cancer treatment with mild lymphatic disease in the thoracic / chest area. Our care concept combines products from Recovery Care, Breast Care Apparel and Breast Forms and Shapers. These product solutions complement each other well and care for the whole patient.