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A selection of pocketed bras from Amoena


A schematic of the patient journey with the Amoena product segements


Every woman and every breast cancer diagnosis is unique. To support women on their way through breast cancer, Amoena offers product solutions for every stage of the journey, right from the start of treatment. Amoena products in the areas of Recovery Care, Breast Forms and Breast Care Apparel close the gap in care and accompany women on their way back to a normal life.

Amoena's Recovery Care solutions Recovery Care
The products from the Recovery Care group are specially developed for her needs right after breast surgery. Regardless of the individual challenges of different surgical methods, such as mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction, our products offer optimal support for the healing process.

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Amoena's Breast Care Apparel solutions Breast Care Apparel
Our specially-designed textiles meet the unique needs of women after breast surgery. To achieve a visually perfect result, our bras, tops and swimwear are developed specifically to wear with our breast forms (although anyone can wear them). We combine function and style with a perfect fit and the highest quality standards.

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Amoena's Breast Form & Breast Shaper solutions Breast Forms & Shapers
In the Amoena full and partial breast form portfolio you will find technologically unique products to restore body symmetry after a mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy), reconstruction, multiple biopsies or for natural breast asymmetry. Our goal is to give women back not only their natural silhouette, but also their self-confidence.

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