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What Is A Mastectomy Swimsuit?

Learn what makes Amoena mastectomy swimwear so comfortable, and how it helps after breast cancer surgery

What Is A Mastectomy Swimsuit?

A mastectomy swimsuit is a women’s swimsuit that includes hidden pockets in the bra cups which can hold breast prostheses. Many women choose breast prostheses, or breast forms, instead of having reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy. 

A mastectomy swimsuit is an item you may not immediately think of as a necessity; but many women discover they need one when they are ready to go swimming again. The good news is mastectomy swimwear comes in all styles, lots of colors and new designs each season, including bikinis and tankinis.

What Are a Mastectomy Swimsuit’s Special Features?

When mastectomy swimwear is designed thoughtfully, it includes special features that make it more comfortable and provide solutions for your post-surgery concerns:  
  1. Pockets. Amoena swimwear has specially designed pockets on both sides to hold your breast form(s) discreetly and securely in place. No one will notice your prosthesis and it cannot slip, so you can move freely with complete confidence. Our pockets are accessible from both the top and the side, making them easier to use and ensuring that the breast form sits properly within the pocket. 
  2. Slightly higher necklines. A mastectomy swimsuit with a higher neckline can help if you have surgery or treatment scars that are sensitive to sun exposure (or that you just don’t want to share with the world). The higher neckline offers better coverage. 
  3. Wide underbust band. A good mastectomy swimsuit, particularly a one-piece, has a soft, wide underbust band that helps keep the pockets and your breast prosthesis close to your body and secure. 
  4. Slightly higher underarms. Again, if you have some high scarring in the underarm area, a mastectomy swimsuit should help protect and cover it. It’s higher without being excessively high, tight or uncomfortable. 
  5. No underwire – or soft, flexible underwire. You don’t want to damage your breast form or swimming form with an underwire. Amoena mastectomy swimsuits are generally wire-free; some of our two-piece bikini tops do have a flexible wire to help with support.

What Different Types of Mastectomy Swimsuits Are Available?

Mastectomy Swimsuit one piece black

  1. Tankini. A tankini top flatters every figure; pair it with a swim skirt or swim panty (sold separately). 
  2. Bikini. You can definitely still wear a bikini after mastectomy. Soft cups and invisible pockets; swim bottoms sold separately. 
  3. One Piece Swimsuits. In solid colors, placement prints or sophisticated graphic designs, one-piece mastectomy swimsuits are flattering and comfortable.
  4. Sarong and Swimdress. For a little more coverage at the hips and legs, a sarong or swimdress style mastectomy swimsuit is a popular choice.
Your swimsuit should also fit your body’s unique shape. Find out which styles might work, whether you’re a V, and O, an A or an X: Swimwear for your Body Shape

Learn More about Mastectomy Swimsuits

Swimming is great exercise, and everyone deserves a relaxing vacation, so swimwear is truly a key wardrobe piece. Here is more information about Amoena mastectomy swimwear and all the ways you can wear it: