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Compression Bra Versus Sports Bra

How medical compression bras meaningfully support healing

Post Surgical Bra versus a sports bra


After breast surgery, many women feel vulnerable and exposed. They're  dealing with the entire or partial loss of a breast – both mentally and physically. The Amoena Recovery Care line revolves around the best possible support of the healing process directly after breast surgery, and cares for these women on the physical level. Compression bras are of the highest value here.


Compression bras provide support – in every respect

Each operation is different, with its own unique circumstances, and its own results. However, the surgical result is not influenced by surgery alone. Excellent post-surgical care also contributes significantly to the healing process. Amoena compression garments are designed specifically for women who have undergone breast surgery. They help to minimize the risk of post-operative bleeding and swelling and to alleviate the associated pain. At the same time, compression bras stabilize the breast that has been operated on and keep that area of the body protected. An optimal amount of pressure from a compression garment can promote wound healing and stabilize the shape and function of the breast. In this way, compression bras provide excellent support and protection, even in the case of sudden, uncomfortable movements such as sneezing and coughing.

In addition to the physical benefits, compression bras also provide an emotional feeling of stability and safety, which can be invaluable for the patient. Compression bras can support her self-confidence from the start and help her to come to terms with her new life situation. In combination with an extra-soft leisure form (a post-operative breast form made of lightweight fabric or foam) she'll feel more like herself, and able to dress normally, soon after leaving the hospital.

Although the medical benefit of compression bras is based on the latest scientific knowledge, sports bras are still often recommended for the first phase after breast surgery. Sports bras have a number of disadvantages compared to medical compression bras. For instance, since sports bras are generally designed with heavy seams, there is a risk of friction and irritation at the surgery site. Compression bras by Amoena, on the other hand, are produced using seamless circular knitting technology to prevent such complications.

Special features of compression bras

Many women risk the development of lymphedema after breast surgery. Good post-operative care, therefore, should not impede lymphatic flow in the surgical area. While sports bras have thin, often tight elastic inner bands that can easily impair lymphatic flow, Amoena compression bras have a particularly soft and wide underbust band for precisely this reason. In addition, sports bras do not cover the entire surgical area in which the patient can develop post-operative edema.

Because their designs and cuts vary widely, there is no guarantee that a sports bra will exert the right amount of pressure at exactly the correct position after breast surgery. In contrast, Amoena compression bras are designed to do so. They are equipped with light, medium or high pressure levels depending on the style. Special knitting technology also allows for different 'zones' within the material. For example, the firmness of the back and the sides differ, although the entire compression bra is seamless and consists of a single part. This is particularly beneficial for lymphatic drainage. The wide straps, high back and wide underbust band contribute to the stabilization of the surgical area without impairing the surgical result. 

Another significant difference is the presence of a front-fastening closure. Amoena compression and post-operative bras are equipped with front closures to make dressing and undressing as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Especially in the first phase after breast surgery, movements of the torso are often associated with pain. This pain can be easily avoided or reduced by recommending a front-closure compression bra. 

amoena layla


The seamless LEYLA compression bra with front closure, here in combination with the Amoena Anchor and Mammilla Circle silicone patches. Silicones keep the scar soft and supple (can only be used after wound closure). LEYLA is suitable for direct clinical use immediately after breast surgery due to a pre-washing procedure.  

amoena sina


The SINA post-operative compression bra with seamless circular knitting technology. Special knitted zones and targeted medium pressure levels support lymphatic drainage and the healing process. Adjustable straps with Velcro fasteners, front closures and pre-formed, flexible cups are designed to fit the woman, not the other way around . 


Post Surgical Compression Bras  - see the full Amoena collection here


From expertise to medical compression bra

The pivotal difference between a sports bra and a medical compression bra is that the latter is truly a medical device. Nothing is left to chance during our product development. Since all Amoena compression garments are medical products, a clinical evaluation is mandatory. The clinical benefit, safety and performance of each product must be demonstrated beyond doubt. In cooperation with healthcare professionals, several weeks of product tests are carried out with a final assessment by the healthcare professionals providing treatment. You can rest assured that our compression bras are truly the best choice for post-surgical wear.


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