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Barbara's Decision to Wear Breast Prostheses

 breast prosthesis after double mastectomy

When Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time after 14 years, she was shocked. She eventually had to have both breasts removed. Breast reconstruction was an option, but after careful thought and consideration, she decided against it.

Barbara realized that she was fighting for her survival and that it was not about how she looked; but the fear of letting go of her breasts ran deep. "They won’t grow back like hair does after chemo," she thought. The breast reconstruction would not have been without complications, as the skin on her right side had already been irradiated and the remaining skin layer was very thin. After an attempt with expanders, she was able to judge for herself how strange it felt to put something additional into her body. It was easy for her to say no to more of that. 

With the issue of breast reconstruction out of the way, her life motto became, "Get healthy and stay healthy." Looking back on her decision now, she is relieved. Lots of activity and exercise has boosted her self-confidence. "I really feel good in my body again. Yoga has particularly strengthened my healthy body image. I can teach, and do the poses without pain, which makes me very happy."

Alternatives to breast reconstruction after cancer

The day after her mastectomy is still very clear in Barbara's mind. "I remember when I looked down, it was a weird feeling. What I saw was just flat." Still in the hospital, Barbara was fitted with post-surgical fiberfill forms and a bra from the medical supply store. At the time, Barbara didn't know what other products were available and her concern was that she wouldn’t find anything that appealed to her. 

"My breasts were an important part of my identity at that point and I thought to myself, oh no, do I have to put up with horrible bras now?" she recalls. During her rehab, Barbara researched extensively on the internet and came across Amoena.

She discovered that there are stylish bras in many colors, as well as breast forms in different shapes and weight options, attachable or not, and other comfort features. The choice can be customized according to any woman’s needs and preferences.

"I was so relieved and happy with the selection; combining the medical aspect with beauty. I'm still excited about the many options and am sure that everyone will find something pleasing here."

I do not skimp on my well-being

Barbara knew exactly how she wanted her breast replacement to perform. "I have to feel comfortable with it and enjoy wearing it." A breast form that didn’t meet all of her wishes was out of the question. 

While she knew that costs are generally covered by health insurance, for premium products that have special features for even greater comfort, a co-payment may be necessary. But price was not an issue for Barbara. Her biggest concern was feeling alive and comfortable.

"I knew that I wasn't going to skimp on my well-being, because I am worth it. Feminine and light – this suits me. I want to feel comfortable and enjoy wearing it," she explains. "The fact that a small co-payment may be required on top of the usual coverage is worth it to me."

My natural silhouette




During her research, Barbara discovered the Adapt Air breast form. "I am very happy with this breast form. It can be finely adjusted, is pleasingly light to wear and doesn't feel like a foreign body, but like a part of me," she affirms.

The breast form can be adjusted individually using an integrated air chamber and a little detachable pump. By adding air, the back gently nestles into the uneven scar tissue and the chest wall. The volume in the bra cup is balanced and the breast form sits close to the body, giving a symmetrically natural silhouette, and providing a unique feeling of security, especially with a bilateral mastectomy. It is the gold standard in breast care and has won multiple awards.

"The Adapt Air feels incredibly natural and looks unbelievably natural. No one unfamiliar with my history would guess that I wear a breast form. I've been able to experience that several times," reports the survivor model. Barbara is happy with the breast form and Amoena's support. "It's great what Amoena is doing for us! I've been without breasts for one and a half years now and am doing so well with it, in a way I never thought possible."

Confident and secure with Adapt Air

With its flexible, temperature-equalizing back, Adapt Air sits comfortably close to the body. With its individual adjustment option, it is especially valuable for women with an uneven scar area or weight fluctuations, for example during treatment with certain medications. The Adapt Air is a multi-award winning breast form that is very light and flexible in its handling. Air can be added to or released from the air chamber until you achieve your perfect fit. The functionality is simple, with the specially designed pump device.

amoena adapt air is an award winning breast prosthesis

Testimonials from Breast Cancer Survivors


Such a lightweight prosthesis. Being able to pump it up made me even and I was so comfortable, I felt as if it was a part of me.



Feels so natural. Very Happy. 15 years without wearing any breast forms because they were so heavy -- these are amazing.



Great concept for those who fluctuate in size and for those with lumpectomies. Love it.



Lightweight - I felt amazing being a bilateral lady I really liked the idea of being able to pump it up if I need to.



So lightweight, easy to wear and breathable and so close to my chest wall -- a great choice for me.



Yesterday I picked up my 2 Adapt Air and I am absolutely thrilled. Extremely light, you do not feel as though you have a weight on your chest. Love the fact you can either inflate or deflate depending on what you wish to wear. To have the feeling of femininity again is a boost for my self-confidence. It doesn't matter what age you are, you still want to look and feel your best.



Once it was pumped up to match my existing right breast size it looked and felt great. A really fantastic option for women whose weight may fluctuate due to menopause, health and any other reason that causes weight gain and loss over time. Highly recommend.



I was really impressed by how natural it felt and looked. I've bought one and think it will give me great confidence and comfort getting back out on the golf course and wearing all my fitted tops and dresses again. I am very impressed with how the air helps the prosthesis fit.



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