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Our 4 favourite secrets for dazzling at a party

T’s the season to dress up. And we have some secret tips to add confidence and glamour to your look. 


1. A beautiful bra is a secret source of joy

Something magical can happen when you put on an exquisite bra. The author of the bestseller Joyful, Ingrid Fetell Lee, confirms joy is often private, something we alone might see or feel that lights us upside. Only you may know you’re wearing a stunning bra, but that’s enough to make you radiate. 

Each lovely bra in the pocketed Amoena Seduction line instantly uplifts body and spirit – you can be sure everyone will notice. These bras are so sensual yet don’t sacrifice comfort, and provide total security if you wear breast forms. 

Among your choice of secret joys is the new stunning dramatic Charlize with its gold faux opening in the front for a super sexy look. And the Elizabeth with its luxurious copper shimmer and rose gold pendant inside a velvet bow. 

True gifts to self. 


2. Update your bra to change your look

Feel your favourite outfit looks tired and doesn’t flatter as much? 

Try it with a newly fitted bra. Bras need to be updated as even the best wear out, and our shape changes over time. A bra that provides proper support can turn yesteryear’s outfit into today’s smash success. Just add a few 2018 accessories, like bead jewellery and you’re ready to own the party. 


3. Glamourous is an attitude, not an age

When you’re comfortable with yourself, the world is comfortable with you. That’s the advice of top stylists. Have fun, enjoy your risqué dress or a tight top. 

Worried about your breast form? No need. 

The Amoena Contact breast form attaches directly to your chest wall for flexible clothing options. Or turn your regular Amoena breast form into an attachable one by applying the Contact Multi pad, with adhesives on both sides. 

Like the Contact, the Multi pad is easy and comfortable to apply, wear and remove. 


4. Compliment yourself as you dress for a party

We love this tip from wellness experts. Research proves the simple act of saying to out loud, “I look smashing” will boost your confidence. A little self-love is the best thing you can wear. 


Merry Christmas from us all.