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Intimacy After Mastectomy

Beautiful lingerie to make you feel special

Intimacy After Mastectomy

There’s nothing like lingerie to make you feel feminine, and there’s nothing like intimacy after a mastectomy to bring some normality back into your life. And just because you’ve had breast surgery it doesn’t mean you have to compromise in the lingerie department. Bras for the post-mastectomy woman have come a long way and there are more options available today than ever before.

Post-surgery bra and brief sets, camisoles, active wear and loungewear today are feminine, not just functional. You’ll find beautiful fabrics, laces, colours and flattering styles. And when you know you look great in your undies, you’ll feel a lot more positive about the idea of making love.
Mastectomy bras come in many different styles, from sports, seamless and soft cup (wire-free) to underwired, extra support, everyday and luxe. Just choose the bras that make you feel comfortable, pretty and sexy.

Getting in the mood

If you feel self-conscious in your new lingerie at first, try a little ‘mirror therapy’. Find a full-length mirror in a private area of your home and put on your new bra.

Study yourself in the mirror and pick three things you really like about yourself. Concentrate on the points that please you. Always focus on the positive, as this will help boost your body image and make you feel more comfortable about yourself.
When you’re ready for intimacy, share your new lingerie with your partner. It’s perfectly natural if you want to wear your lingerie to bed – you may find it gives you renewed confidence.

The best fit

Beneath your underwear, a good prosthesis or partial shaper feels and looks very much like the real thing. Make sure you visit a certified fitter when you’re ready to purchase your lingerie, to ensure that your bra and breast form are a perfect fit. You can also do plenty of research in the privacy of your own home and find answers to many of your questions without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. Study bra fitting guides, check out accessories, lumpectomy solutions, swimwear and more.
When you find the lingerie that lets you feel feminine and confident, you’ll feel much more like making love and who knows – you might just find it’s even more exciting than before.