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How long do breast forms last?

Breast forms require regular assessment to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

How long do breast forms last?

Knowing when to replace your breast forms: A guide

Breast forms, also known as breast prosthesis, are essential accessories for women who have undergone mastectomy surgeries. They not only restore confidence but also help in achieving balance and symmetry in body shape. However, like any other prosthetic device, breast forms need to be updated over time.

Changes in body shape

One of the main reasons for replacing breast forms is changes in your body shape. Over time, natural shifts in weight, muscle tone and overall body contours can occur, changing the fit and appearance of your breast forms. Significant weight loss or gain can lead to changes too, this can cause discomfort or an uneven silhouette.

Frequency of cleaning breast forms

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the hygiene and longevity of breast forms. However, excessive cleaning or exposure to harsh chemicals can accelerate wear and tear, compromising the quality of the prosthetic. As a rule of thumb, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning frequency and techniques. Signs of deterioration, such as peeling or discolouration, may mean it’s time to replace them.

Medical changes

Various medical factors can influence the condition and performance of breast forms. For instance, overheating may cause damage to the prosthetic material. Additionally, fluctuations in body shape resulting from medication side effects or hormonal changes should prompt a reassessment of the fit and comfort of your breast forms.

General advice and recommendations

To keep your breast forms comfortable and fitting properly it’s advisable to schedule regular fit checks with qualified professionals. Many retailers offer complimentary fit assessments, allowing you to address any concerns or adjustments promptly. As a general guideline, consider scheduling a fit check every two years or sooner if you experience significant changes.

Replacing your breast form is important for maintaining comfort, confidence, and overall well-being. Remember to take advantage of free fit checks offered by clinics and retailers to address any issues.