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Adapt Air – The New Breast Prosthesis That Adapts To Your Shape

Breast prosthesis new from Amoena


Amoena Adapt Air breast forms are adjustable to your shape. They provide you with a fit that feels made for your body,  creating a silhouette tailored perfectly to your natural curves and allowing you to feel  confident, comfortble and  carefree. 

All day, every day.

New Adapt Air - The Breast Form That Adapts To Your Shape

Wouldn’t it be great if you could customise your breast form to suit your shape, whenever you wanted to? Well, now you can - with new Adapt Air.;

Who would find it useful?

After breast surgery, women can be left with uneven scarring on the chest wall that can make it difficult to achieve the ideal breast form fit.  

• Sometimes lymphoedema, water retention or weight gain can affect your silhouette, too, so a breast form that was once just right no longer gives you the perfect outline. 


The Lightweight Breast Prosthesis That Adapts To Your Shape

Our new Adapt Air breast form is fully adjustable, thanks to unique air chamber technology that lets you fine-tune the volume to suit your needs:

  1. Fully adjustable - customise the fit whenever and wherever you want to.
  2. A close fit - made to fit your body perfectly, so it feels more like part of you
  3. All-day comfort – up to 40% lighter than our standard breast forms and includes Comfort+ temperature-equalising technology
  4. Totally secure – the air stays in the chamber until released using the special pump supplied

amoena adapt Breast Prosthesis  air  review


To try this amazing new breast form for yourself, talk to your local Amoena retailer.

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