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CuraSupport Compression – seamless post-op bras


Our seamless post-op bras are specially designed for women who have had breast surgery. These bras support wound healing by immobilising and stabilising the operated breast. Sensitive skin and developing scar tissue are protected and post-operative oedema and pain can be reduced. All of our post-op bras have front closures and front fastening straps to ensure easy dressing.



3 reasons to try our post-op bras

1. Seamless design without seams to support the healing process without further irritating the skin. 2.Specially stitched areas that apply targeted pressure, encouraging lymphatic drainage and minimising the risk of postoperative oedema. 3.Varying pressure levels for use after different surgical methods to suit the patient’s individual needs and requirements.

Compression bras

Our Leyla post-op bra provides a light pressure level. Its special compression zones provide stabilisation around the breast without applying direct pressure to the breast. Special pressure zones on side and back areas can support lymphatic drainage for best healing.

Leyla Post-Op Bra
Our Sina post-op bra has a medium pressure level. Its special compression zones in the lower cup area provide immobilisation and stabilisation of the breast, as well as surface compression on the breast. Its special pressure zones on the side and back areas can support lymphatic drainage and the healing process.

Sina Post-OP Bra
Our Pamela post-op bra has a high pressure level. It provides full-surface compression on the breast and its special compression zones in the lower cup area work to immobilise and stabilise the breast. Lymphatic drainage is optimally supported by a high pressure level and specially arranged knit zones.

Pamela Post-OP Bra

Post-op bras with a high cotton content


Our Theraport compression bras have been specially developed to wear after breast surgery and during radiotherapy, including partial breast radiotherapy (such as brachytherapy). These bras have a high cotton content and are made from material that can be easily cut to accommodate drainage tubes. The soft cotton material is kind to sensitive skin. Compression secures the operated breast and tissues in place, which accelerates the healing process.


Sarah Sarah
Our post-op bras with a high cotton content are specially designed for women who have had breast surgery. The pressure stabilises the operated breast or tissue, and the pre-shaped cups and flat seams reduce skin irritations. Front fastening and fasteners on the adjustable straps make this bra easy to put on and take off, even with limited mobility. A soft velcro fleece band placed in the centre back allows an Amoena compression belt to be fixed in the correct position.

Sarah Soft Bra
Theraport Theraport
Our Theraport post-op bra with medium pressure level and high cotton content is specially developed for wearing during radiotherapy, including partial breast irradiation (such as brachytherapy). Wide straps and a wide underbust band ensure unhindered lymphatic drainage. The Velcro fasteners on the straps and at the front of the bra allow for easy dressing, even with limited mobility.

Kompressionsgürtel Compression belt
Designed for optimal surgical results. The compression belt is placed around the breast to stabilise the operated breast and prevent implants from slipping during the healing process. It is easily and securely attached to any compression bra from our CuraSupport product line for an individual fit.

Compression belt