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Scar compression therapy

Our CuraScar garments are ideal for women who have undergone breast reconstruction using autologus tissue. The risk of excessive scarring at the site where tissue has been removed is significantly minimised by using a scar compression garment. Compression garments are used as part of a conservative therapeutic approach in scar therapy. When used early in the treatment phase, CuraScar garments can support the wound healing process and help to ensure a successful surgical outcome.

Compression in scar therapy

Compression in scar therapy involves applying pressure at a therapeutically effective level on the closed wound area. Even pressure which is applied to the surface of the wound reduces blood flow to the scar area and increases the elasticity of the tissue. Our scar therapy, which combines our compression garments and silicone patches, can result in flatter, fainter scars.

1. Prompt availability and precise sizing
2. High quality workmanship with no troublesome seams thanks to innovative bonding technologies that support lymphatic flow.
3. Material can easily be cut to accommodate drainage tubes..
4. Made of breathabe materials that are kind to skin and ensure maximum comfort to alllow for consistent use for the duration of treatment.
5. Apply medically effective pressure (20-23mmHg) to support the scar healing process. 

Panty Panty
The panty provides medically effective compression on the abdomen to improve wound /scar healing. The 2 side zippers make it easy to put on and take off. The breathable material is Oeko-Tex certified.

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Bermuda Bermuda -Long scar compression Panty
The Bermuda provides medically effective compression on the abdomen and legs to improve wound /scar healing until the scar heals. The 2 side zips ensure easy dressing and undressing. The breathable material is Oeko-Tex certified.

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Belly Bandage Belly Bandage-Abdominal compression bandage
The compression bandage for the abdomen provides medically effective compression to improve wound /scar healing. The three adjustable Velcro fasteners allow for easy opening and closing and a flexible fit.

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