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The Amoena Contact breast form adheres directly to your body and stays in place with every movement, making it an ideal choice if you have an active lifestyle or simply want a form that offers the most clothing options.
Note : For reasons of safety, we recommend a period of at least 6 months between the end of your treatment and wearing the Amoena Contact breast form for the first time

Key benefits

  • Adheres directly to the chest wall for total security
  • Follows every body movement naturally
  • Ideal to wear with figure-hugging clothes
  • Helps to relieve stress on the shoulders and back
  • The adhesive surface is kind to the skin and leaves no trace
  • Includes a soft carry-case for discreet storage, with a range of sample skin care products and instructions for use.

Contact 3E Breast Form - Ivory

Order Code: 386C-013Left
1 /
Order Code: 386C-013Left
  • Attachable; Adheres securely to the body,giving a woman a new sense of freedom and self confidence
  • Standard silicone layer with super soft film
  • Full cup fitting, narrower footprint has less coverage in the top centre
  • Asymmetrical shape - for a left or right fitting
  • Designed with a lower cut inside edge to accommodate surgery that conserves a small area of cleavage


The Amoena Contact breast form adheres directly to the body and stays in place with every movement, relieving pressure on the shoulder and providing more freedom in clothing choices. Ideal for women with active lifestyles.


1-14 L/R


PU Film, Silicone, Phase-Change Material

Do the contact breast forms need a lot of ...


Do the contact breast forms need a lot of cleaning after wear? Regards Toni


Hi, thanks for your question. All breast forms need to be washed daily. The contact breast does need to be scrubbed with a small brush which is supplied with the breast form. It only takes a couple of minutes each night. Add it to your routine of taking off your make up and brushing your teeth.


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Hi, I currently have a Balance Varia 285; size...


Hi, I currently have a Balance Varia 285; size L. I have had this for about 2.5 years. I use this for naturally uneven breasts. LHS is smaller than Right. I have been reading your site, and have just found the Contact 3E tapered breast form. It looks like this may be suitable due to the fact I swim a lot and this may allow for more discretion in swimmer tops. I rarely wear low cut bras and almost never wear strapless as its too awkward. I am wondering if you can tell me if size is based on the product I currently have and if so which size would be equivalent? Also how much is this form? The other option I was considering is the Balance contact Medium Delta. Again, not sure on sizing. I need to go and buy a tape measure! Can these be purchased direct from this store?


Hello, thank you for your email.

The Balance Varia also comes in a contact version.

I would suggest going to an Amoena stockist to be fitted correctly.

If you look on our website and search for a stockist in your area.

Alternatively send me another message and I will help you with this.


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I'm currently wearing contact light 2S size 4 ...


I'm currently wearing contact light 2S size 4 and about to renew my forms what is the difference between these and the contact 3E breast form?


Hi thanks for your email.

The 2S is an 'average' fit and projection (fullness in the front) and the 3E, firstly is a different shape but is also much fuller in the front.

I would recommend being fitted by a certified Amoena fitter


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Déçue du maintien

Très vite le contact est inexistant et ça devient très désagréable. C'est vraiment dommage.

True to Size: fantastic fit
Comfort: mostly comfortable
Support: very unsupportive
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Wonderfully soft and realistic, like part of me

I love this form as it is soft and a great shape, sticks enough to stay in place with a normal bra, and is comfortable and feels like part of me. The Breast Form Conversion Chart sizing seems fairly accurate, as I have a size 9 in a 34E bra which fits perfectly (although another 34E bra seems like a size 8, as the chart suggests, would have fit better). I'm 35" underbust and 41" over, which works out as 34E or 36DD. The Bra Size Calculator (35" under, 20.5" half over) suggests a 40A, which is sister sizes with a 34D. Taking this to the chart suggests a size 6, which is what I ordered initially, but it seemed more like a 34A or B, so I decided to go 3 sizes bigger. I think maybe the sizes depend on your chest size/shape somewhat, so I'd suggest requesting a trial form (via email/chat/phone) as they are available even if the site says they are all out of stock. Very very happy with this form, and for the help and service from Amoena.

True to Size: fantastic fit
Comfort: very comfortable
Support: great support
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