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Why wear a mastectomy bra?

If you wear a breast form or partial shaper, only a bra that is designed for your needs can deliver the outstanding feeling of security and confidence that you want. At Amoena, our goal is to offer every woman who has had breast surgery a breast form or shaper that makes her feel 100% comfortable. And the same goes for our lingerie.

Amoena bras are designed at our headquarters in Raubling, Germany, in collaboration with breast-operated women. Cut with features that include a deeper underband for better support, discreet pockets to securely hold your prosthesis, and wider comfy straps to help relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders, our post-surgery bras feel wonderful. And they look as good as they feel.

After breast surgery, a bra becomes more than simply an undergarment. It serves an important role in a woman’s wellness. At Amoena, we know that it’s essential for women to feel at ease in their clothes after surgery and treatment. The look and flattering support of the bra are also important for complete confidence. That’s why each bra in our collection marries style and function with excellent fit and the hiighest quality standards.

Our bras are designed using the latest textile innovations and processing techniques. They are the perfect match for our full and partial breast forms so you get the look you want, with maximum comfort guaranteed.