The Best Form, Fit and Feel For You

You've answered all the questions but which numbers did you get the most? 

Find out which breast form* suits your lifestyle choices below.




Tapered and soft, Balance shapers fill your bra cup where tissue may be missing. The Balance partials are ideal after a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery, giving a little boost where it’s needed and a smooth silhouette.

Amoena Aqua Wave


A transparent silicone breast form - ideal for water based activities.

The Aqua Wave is a water resistant breast form with a natural drape. It dries quickly and stays securely in place in the pocket of your mastectomy swimsuit, in and out of the water.



A breast form that's great to wear if you're working out or in a warm climate. This lightweight favourite incorporates Comfort+ technology and a raised pearl backing that encourages air flow behind the breast form to help keep you cool.

Energy Cosmetic


The reduced weight, super-soft Energy breast form has a lovely natural drape and feels beautifully soft too. Comfort+ technology and a raised pearl back surface encourage air flow to help keep you cool.

Amoena Contact


The Contact breast form attaches to your skin, so it feels like a part of you, and gives you the option to go strapless.
The adhesive backing ensures the breast form stays in place all day, whilst the Comfort+ technology absorbs heat to help keep you cool.


Contact Multi


The Contact Multi adhesive pad can be worn with a selection of Amoena silicone breast forms. This silicone accessory turns a regular breast form in to a Contact form - ideal for special occasions or as a gentle introduction to the benefits of a full Contact breast form.

Leisure Form


A lightly weighted foam breast form with soft fabric cover, that can be worn when sleeping or relaxing  at home. The leisure form offers gentle body confidence during the day, and comfortable support at night.

Natura Cosmetic


The reduced weight, super-soft Natura breast form incorporates Comfort+ technology and gives a natural drape, so it looks like a real breast under clothing. Women who wear it say it's so comfortable, they forget it's there. 



A very gentle form that helps restores symmetry just after surgery.
The breathable cotton back is easy on sensitive skin. You can also easily adjust the amount of fibrefill to suit your needs.



We know that every surgery site is different so we designed an innovative breast form with a moldable back layer that hugs and shapes to your unique contours. The Adapt breast form provides a close, gentle fit to your chest wall and around scar tissue.


Natura Xtra Light


The Natura Xtra Light is a lighter than lightweight breast form that stays upright in your pocketed bra. Weighing nearly 40% less than standard-weight forms, it's ideal if you experience lymphoedema or osteoporosis after surgery.


If you're still not sure which best breast form is best for you, contact your Amoena retailer for additional information and support.

*We recommend a personal breast form fitting for best results. The true way to know which breast form feels best to you is to try it on.