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Help your patient get her silhouette back

Wearing the right breast form can make a big difference.

Most women wear their breast forms every day, for all occasions. Amoena brings decades of specialized experience to perfect the design and manufacturing of our comprehensive portfolio of breast forms – designed to fit perfectly in our pocketed lingerie.  Our silicone breast forms look realistic, feel natural, and do not move around or chafe. There’s a shape and size for every need, all crafted to the highest standards.

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breast form fitting guide

Breast Forms Fitting Guide

How to fit a breast form?

For the perfect fit, it’s important to be able to identify the patient’s unique needs. Local mastectomy fitters are certified and trained by Amoena to assess and fit women carefully with the breast form that best suits her needs.

You can find fitters in your area by visiting our Retailer Locator

Here is some information about how our 3-step fitting process works