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How We Became Thrivers - Free e-Book

Compiled and edited by Beverly Vote

Beverly Vote fully understands that breast cancer is about much more than a woman’s anatomy. For every diagnosis, there is a woman with a story. Popular jargon refers to these women as survivors, but as we all know, not everyone is able to make that claim. It is safe to say that most women who have had, or are now facing a breast cancer diagnosis learn quickly that life is much richer if they find ways to thrive. Beverly decided it is time to let these women share their conviction, clarity, passion and purpose, so she created a free e-book containing 44 personal stories you can now download for yourself and your friends.

“This free book was created out of our need to give back after our lives were strengthened by others reaching out to us when we needed help for our next step forward. It is now our turn to reach out in hopes of making a difference for others,” says Vote.

The 44 chapters candidly share the experiences that changed women from being scared and helpless to living an empowered life. The stories talk about choice, advocacy, support, advanced stages and recurrence of breast cancer. They also discuss divorce after breast cancer, new careers, new love, life lessons, and life purpose.

You can download the e-book by following this link: