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Wellness Wisdom

By Alice McCall

Author Alice McCall designed Wellness Wisdom as a user-friendly guide to help readers navigate their daily journey through health issues, environmental toxins, nagging fears and their spiritual quest. The inspiration for this book was Alice’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2007.

It is McCall's belief that in just four months, she healed herself of breast cancer without using traditional medical methods. She accomplished this by focusing on mastering her thoughts and emotions, feeding her body what it needed to heal and become whole, allowing her body to get the rest and sleep it needed, and by participating in a deeply spiritual journey.

According to McCall, Wellness Wisdom should be considered a sort of road map for self-healing. She shares three main priorities she feels are absolutely crucial for anyone hoping to have a successful healing journey, which are:

  • Doing inner work in a meditative state to learn what the emotional/mental causes of an illness are and then transforming that at a cellular and subconscious level.
  • Eating organic, alkaline foods with healing properties that target whatever a particular health issue happens to be.
  • Getting lots of rest and sleep because this is when the body is able to renew and heal itself.

Her focus on food (and there is one!) stems from the concept of treating food as a sort of medicine, since what someone eats definitely affects his or her health. McCall firmly believes that foods can either enable disease or prevent it from occurring – and she includes handy lists of a variety of foods showing their potential values. There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about whether or not an acidic diet may contribute to diseases like cancer, so the information she shares about both acidic and alkaline foods is great for anyone trying to determine which is which. For readers hoping to explore these options, she has made it very accessible.

Wellness Wisdom also contains information about the mind, body, spirit connection; spiritual drawing, journaling and dreaming; healing with sound and color; cleansing and detoxification; and positive affirmations – along with myriad other topics.

Will what she outlines work? It did for her, but perhaps more important for the reader, simply finding ways to live a healthier, more spiritually grounded life is a great first step, regardless of where it leads.

McCall's book is available for purchase at her website,