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Un-Moving Four Ward: Tales + Tips for Keeping Perspective Despite Life’s Challengesby Bob Bell

September naturally brings to mind images of the leafy college quad, the busy dormitory. So a story where the college campus plays a pivotal role from start to finish seems appropriate. It won’t give away too much to reveal that the main character, a college freshman, ends up in a wheelchair – presumably for the rest of his life. But Un-Moving Four Ward: Tales + Tips for Keeping Perspective Despite Life’s Challenges is not about any loss of youth or tragic result. Rather, the autobiography and its author surprise you from the very moment of the fateful accident with wisdom and maturity that is genuine, honest and encouraging. It quickly influences your mindset whether you're young or old.

As author Bob Bell recalls his journey from party-boy to quadriplegic to world traveler to college professor (with several more accomplishments along the way), the reader gets an inside look at a coping style everyone can envy – that is, one that looks every challenge right in the eye and says, “I dare you.” Day-to-day life (not to mention international travel) in a wheelchair is a world many of us will never know, but through Bell’s descriptive, generous writing we get a firsthand look. The tales are told with levity and humor – sometimes of the crass variety, which, if you can tolerate it, adds believability and charm – even kinship.

There are plenty of books on how an unexpected moment can be the catalyst for a meaningful life. This one aims to encourage others who have endured difficulties (i.e., everyone, including cancer survivors), and the author helps get to that deeper personal meaning with end-of-chapter advisory sections like “It’s Time to Demonstrate your Character” and “Establish Goals.” He is a professor, after all, and he instructs with a no-nonsense style, but gently, for real people.

Incorporating themes of forgiveness, faith, self-acceptance, determination, and the gift of supportive family and friends, Un-Moving Four Ward will absolutely teach you to keep perspective whether you’re facing an illness, divorce, grief or even the daily trials of your job or family. The book is available for purchase at and at Amazon (2014, North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.).