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The Cancer Survivor’s Guide: A Book to Help You Fight Back

Book Review

The Cancer Survivor's Guide: Foods that Help You Fight Back, by By Neal D. Barnard, MD & Jennifer K. Reilly, RD

Decisions, decision, decisions. Individuals who have been dealt the blow of a cancer diagnosis are often overwhelmed by the choices they face when trying to stay cancer free and healthy. The media grabs hold of an endless (and often mindless) stream of sound bites, filled with as much hot air as a soufflé, leaving most of us confused and worried about whether or not we are aiding and abetting cancer’s return.

As a part of The Cancer Project’s Food for Life nutrition education program, Dr. Neal D. Barnard and senior dietitian, Jennifer K. Reilly created a book based on research, not hype.

The Cancer Survivor’s Guide discusses how research, over and over again, has shown that people following plant-based diets tend to have strikingly low cancer rates. In rural Asia and Africa, as an example, traditional diets are based on rise or other grains, starchy vegetables, fruits, and beans. Individuals consuming these types of foods on a regular basis generally avoid the disease. And when cancer does occur, they usually have better survival rates.

The Cancer Survivor’s Guide provides comprehensive information and advice the reader can put into action to immediately start the process of making better choices to improve his or her health. By covering key topics like how to fuel up on low-fat foods, increase your fiber intake and replacing meat, the reader is given tools to use in order to take a new look at the connection between what we eat and how it affects our health.

Not only does The Cancer Survivor’s Guide provide the science, there are more than 130 great, easy-to-prepare recipes, as well as a comprehensive list of references and resources for additional information on diet and cancer.

If we had positive proof that simply watching what you eat would prevent cancer, we’d all be healthy. Unfortunately, there are myriad causes – but following a diet that is rich in wholesome foods that avoids items that are processed and filled with fat just makes sense, and is certainly one piece of the puzzle within our control. Look for this book in your local bookstore or find it on Amazon.