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Quality of Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

By Lillie Shockney

Inspiration to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Getting breast cancer is a life altering experience… and often times, life altering for the better. During treatment or shortly thereafter, it is common for women to take a step back and decide that this is a turning point in their lives—a turning point to start living a healthier lifestyle than before.

Some of the changes that can be made that will also help reduce risk of recurrence and improve one’s overall health include the following:

Eating healthy--- this doesn’t mean no more cheesecake but it means eating smart. Concentrating on eating a low fat diet, rich in fruits and vegetables is good for your breast health and also good for your heart, colon and general health!

Exercise--- It doesn’t mean having to live at the gym. Power walking can be one of the best things you decide to do yourself. Exercise such as walking three times a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer by one third for women who are at high risk for breast cancer. So take a friend with you, and walk together. Exercise also helps us to reduce the negative ways our body reacts to stress.

Say no to smoke--- if you are a smoker, here is your opportunity to do something really wonderful for yourself and your family. Stop. The American Cancer Society states that if smoking were eliminated, 80% of cancers in general would never occur. If your friends smoke, tell them that they can’t smoke around you anymore—secondary smoke also effects your health.

One drink is enough--- limiting alcohol intake to one drink a day, or none! Women who drink more than one alcoholic beverage a day increases their risk of breast cancer. Pass the word along!

Making these life style changes will give you more energy, reduce your risk of recurrence, improve your general health, and reassure you that you ARE doing the right things to keep your body and especially your breasts healthy. Your quality of life will be better.