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My Interest in Pinterest

If you Google the name Pinterest, the definition that pops up states: Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. Sounds innocuous enough huh? But if you ask me, the truly defining word in that statement is the use of the word “all”! And, they aren’t kidding.

I ventured into the Pinterest arena quite innocently a couple of years ago, and, honestly, when I initially dipped my creative toe in, I wasn’t all that impressed. I stumbled upon boards containing ideas for the perfect wedding (been there, done that, and still wish I’d spent the money sipping Mojitos on a beach somewhere) or crafts (tried that and failed horribly, although I did think my Duck Tape® living room set had potential) – so I abandoned my pursuit of yet another way to spend endless hours tied to my computer.

Recently, a suggestion from my editor, combined with being laid up for a couple of weeks after surgery, created the perfect Pinterest storm, and I’m not sure my life will ever be the same. There’s something about being confined to bed that will either make you go nuts, or mentor your imagination. And although I’m not going to blame this on pain pills, I’m pretty sure they may have factored in somewhere as well.

Because my soul seemed to be begging for something beautiful, I began my quest looking at women’s fashion. I’ve been intrigued by what it will be like to be able to go “topless” every now and then, since I am no longer encumbered by breasts unless I choose to wear prosthetics. What this means for me is the potential to wear clothes where I will no longer have to worry about buttons that gap, ruffles in the wrong places or minimalistic lines that simply don’t work when faced with the reality of a double DD stature.

I quickly discovered that I really, really love women’s fashion. Not only do I love women’s fashion, but apparently my ardor extends to anything beautiful, everything edible, almost anything relating to French Bulldogs, all things shoe-related, and images of short hairstyles regardless of whether or not any of them would actually work for me.

Since Pinterest is currently so popular and hip, my first challenge was creating boards that made me sound equally with it. I will blame my diminished cleverness quotient on the aforementioned pain medications, because the best I could conjure were Fashionista Fantastica; In the Eye of the Beholder; Home, Home I’ll Arrange; If the Shoe Fits; Woof; and Foodie Fun.

I imagine these Pinterest boards are akin to the dream boards so popular just a few years ago. That’s it! Pinterest is the virtual dream board. And the beauty of Pinterest is your dreams are limited only by how much time you feel like spending in their pursuit.

What I love about Pinterest is its ability to show me images I might never have discovered otherwise. It also provides me with the ability to imagine myself in an outfit, lifestyle or setting that in reality is pretty much either prohibitively expensive, or at the very least, something that wouldn’t fit.

I have to admit I’m still very much the novice. At the moment I’m just web surfing looking for beautiful clothes, cute puppies and tasty treats. What has amazed me is that there are several people who appear to be “following” me. I find this highly amusing since I have absolutely no idea where I’m going. Perhaps that’s a great idea for another board – Lost in Cyberspace! I just may have to give that idea some thought.

In the meantime, just remember, if you are following me – we’re both lost!