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Music influences health: 5 Tips to improve yours

Sing goodbye to stress and depression!

woman playing guitar music influences health

Music accompanies us our whole life long, from our parents' lullabies, to kindergarten group singing, the pop song we fell in love with in adolescence and, later, our personally curated favorite music channels and genres. 

Some people play their own instruments; others love to go dancing; still others motivate themselves through headphones for their weekly jog. Music is everywhere! 

We have 5 musical tips for you, guaranteed to help you feel healthier, happier and more relaxed. 

Tip 1: Sing regularly. 

No matter if you do this in the shower, while driving, or in a choir. Singing regularly can improve your cardiovascular fitness and even boost your immune system. 

Tip 2: Play an instrument. 

If you already play an instrument, great! If not… it’s never too late to start. This is something that everybody can learn — trust the scientists! Delve into the world of music by learning to make it yourself. Practicing an instrument is like yoga for your thoughts. You will be immersed in something lovely, and will automatically forget your everyday troubles for a while. 

Tip 3: Listen actively. 

You don’t have to sing or play – just listen mindfully. When you’re actively aware, listening to your favorite song also brings relaxation and relieves stress. 

Tip 4: Sing to prevent a bad mood during darker, colder winter days. 

The brain releases signals while you listen to pleasant music, which make you feel happy. This can counteract the low feelings that gloomy weather might create. So don’t be shy – go ahead and hum along with the radio. (And grab a colorful umbrella while you're at it!)

Tip 5: Get your earbuds ready right now to prevent or reverse any negativity (or bacteria!), and enjoy these feel-good songs: 

As you know, it’s easy to differ in musical taste! If you'd like to share your favorites, please go to our Facebook page and leave a comment. We'd love to hear what you're listening to!