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Mindful Nutrition: A Diet Series and Guide to Healthy Eating

Your life after cancer is more than mastectomy bras… and we all have to eat.

Guide to Healthy Eating after breast Cancer

In support of your whole life after breast cancer, we’ve created this series on Mindful Eating, with the help of our friend, nutritionist Elena Rayner-Melnikova


Let's explore some of the tricky issues women face when it comes to our bodies and how to nourish them — and finally make peace with eating. The 4-part series is available for download here (click each topic to download the PDFs).


5 Things to Consider Before Counting Calories:

5 things to consider

Dieting Tips - How To Get It Right:

dieting tips

A Beginner's Guide to Mindful Eating:

mindful eating

Healthy Choices - How to Make Them a Habit:

healthy choices

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