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Busted! The Fab Foundations™ Guide to Bras that Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic

By Ali Cudby

If you’ve ever dreaded shopping for new bras, this little book is for you. Author and bra coach Ali Cudby has been in your straps, and she’s out to change the fitting room scene.

Cudby’s own journey from “late-bloomer” to big-busted was difficult when she was a teen. “Bra shopping felt like an act of masochism,” she describes, and goes on, “When I did find a bra that sort of worked, it was always something resembling a flak jacket.”

Her “Fab FitTM Formula” is a new way to think about your body and your bras, and it works. (One tip: Don’t get stuck on one size for every bra you own.) Topics include everything from losing ten pounds without going on a diet (!), to choosing the right nursing bras, to taming that infamous “back fat.”

Along the way, Cudby shares some industry secrets, fashion myth-busters and body-image gems that will straighten both your outlook and your posture, whether you’re an A-cup or a double-J. Her website includes book "extras" and is found at