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Crazy Sexy Diet

By Kris Carr

The crazy sexy Kris Carr has done it again, and with kudos from the likes of Mehmet Oz and Dean Ornish, you can bet she’s done it right! Crazy Sexy Diet is not only fun to read, it’s filled with great information. Heck, any book that touts it includes a 21-day “adventure” cleanse certainly piques our interest.

The essence of Carr’s diet revolves around the fundamentals of a low-fat, low-glycemic, vegetarian way of life emphasizing the importance of balancing the body’s pH levels by consuming healthy whole foods, nourishing organic green drinks, even sensational smoothies. Yes, recipes are abundant!

Organized in ten chapters, Ms. Carr catches the reader’s interest with appealing titles like “pHabulou,s” “Tushie & Milk Mustaches,” “Make Juice, Not War,” and “Go With Your Gut.”

Her goal is simple. She wants to educate people so they can stop doing damage and start creating health. Included is considerable information designed to debunk some of the most common dieting myths as well as tried and true ways to repair and renew our bodies.

Kris draws on what she learned as a cancer patient, adding the advice of a team of experts to the mix in order to provide a balanced, well-researched and thought out approach. The book is filled with helpful tips on self-care, and information on how to stretch your dollars (which is very useful considering the expense of many so-called organic and healthy choices). You will also find information on how to navigate your way through the grocery store, eating well when you’re on the run, as well as finding ways to work through cravings when you want to grab that greasy burger from your former life.

Crazy Sexy Diet provides a great resource to help anyone hoping to live a healthier lifestyle make sure they are on the right path. Let the adventure “cleanse” begin …!