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Bring on the Joy!

By Jen Yost, MS ED

Who couldn’t use a bit more joy in their life? Author Jen Yost has made it her mission to help each of us take the time to explore a myriad of ways we can make this happen – and anyone lucky enough to grab a copy of her book will discover that looking for joy can be every bit as enjoyable as finding it!

Yost has created a tome that is engaging, easy-to-read, easy-to-follow and chock full of simple yet effective ways to capture this essential emotion. In just 99 pages she manages to touch on everything from breathing, posture and meditation to eliminating energy drains, random acts of kindness, laughter – and the always essential – chocolate!

Yost, a Certified Life Coach (among many other accomplishments and credentials) is also the driving force behind Lunchtime Life Support. LLS allows people to spend one lunchtime a week learning how to rejuvenate and refresh the spirit. It is marvelous that she has taken this same sort of approach with the written word.

Bring on the Joy spends just the right amount of time addressing each topic. Readers are provided with thoughtful vignettes designed to address important issues in a manner allowing them to reflect on what they’ve read, see how it applies in their life, and then take action.

The book is divided into four parts, each depicting growth. Yost uses the analogy of a tree to provide the template. Part one deals with putting down roots, part two with reaching upward, part three with branching out, and part four is all about the bounty of our efforts, i.e. bearing leaves and fruit.

Bring on the Joy is one of those great little books you can stick in your purse for a quick read on your commute or during a break. It’s also very much at home on your nightstand since reading a chapter before going to bed is the perfect way to end a day. Regardless of how you choose to read and use this book, it’s a safe bet you will definitely enJOY it on many levels! Order it at