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Breast Cancer Sisterhood, a Guide to Practical Information

By Brenda Ray Coffee

Author Brenda Ray Coffee was compelled to write Breast Cancer Sisterhood because she knew firsthand how an otherwise “perfect” life was forever altered by a breast cancer diagnosis. At 54 she had a loving husband, a stepson she adored, a great career, a beautiful home – and an uninvited guest – breast cancer.

Her work is candid and sometimes brutally honest, but the focus is always on helping the reader find the information needed to make good choices and healthy decisions as they move on with their life. Brenda covers everything from constipation to cuticle care in a way that doctors, caregivers, and patients may not have thought to discuss, or felt comfortable doing.

She tackles chemotherapy and radiation treatments from the perspective of before, during, and after treatment, thereby providing the reader with realistic expectations and insights to better prepare themselves for what may or may not be a part of the road to recovery.

Brenda recounts the moment in a PetSmart parking lot three months into her diagnosis when she broke down to the point where she was literally unable to pull it together long enough to go inside to buy dog food, or drive home for that matter. For whatever reason, it was in that moment that the full impact of her diagnosis became a reality for her. She realized she had no control over whether or not the cancer would come back. Regardless of the treatment she chose, the vitamins she took, the exercises she did, the changes she made, and the prayers she said, it was out of her hands.

A phone call to her husband was the lifeline Brenda needed in that moment. During their conversation he lovingly reminded her that thinking she was in control of her life had always been an illusion.

Most of us have our “parking lot” moment at some point during our journey through life, so it’s reassuring to know many of these issues are addressed in the Breast Cancer Sisterhood. While we may not have what we formerly perceived as control, we most certainly can reach out to our sisters and find useful information and comfort.

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