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9 Free Wellness Practices

by Alice McCall

Daily, consumers are bombarded with the “newest,” “latest,” “greatest,” “best” and “most awesome” of products and practices. Even in the most important areas of life, like being healthy, something “new” is always enticing, and for a good reason – everyone wants to get well or stay well. Unfortunately, each and every “new” item has a price tag, and the costs of maintaining all these health protocols can start to spiral out of reach. Often one keeps purchasing, hoping the “new” is providing their body with optimum health.

Isn’t it nice to know that there are some health practices that can have a big impact on health and cost little or no money! The following nine wellness practices fall into this category. Many of these tips are unexpected, and may seem too simple, but don’t discount them. Adding these simple practices can enhance personal health and well-being, without draining the checkbook!

  1. 1. Breathe Deeply. The cells of the human body need oxygen to replenish and renew. Shallow breathing doesn’t do the trick. Deep, relaxed breathing that originates from the belly does. Normal cells weaken, die or mutate into unhealthy cells if they are not properly oxygenated. Cellular oxygen starvation can contribute to immune deficiency, intestinal problems, cardiac conditions, anxiety, depression, cancer and fatigue.
  2. Get Lots of Sleep. Many important bodily functions only occur while sleeping. Growth hormone production is at its peak during sleep. Growth hormones speed the absorption of nutrients and amino acids within cells. It also stimulates bone marrow, which is where white blood cells are created, supporting the immune system’s functioning. Melatonin, which inhibits tumors and prevents infections, is also produced while sleeping. When one is sleep deprived, killer cells, which are necessary to ward off disease, decrease dramatically. Most importantly, the body can heal and renew during sleeping, not when one is awake.
  3. Smile and Laugh. Simply put, smiling and laughing is good medicine! Laughing provides a physical release for accumulated tension. Studies show that laughter lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and increases one’s T-cell activity, which stimulates the immune system’s response to infected cells. Laughing may also release endorphins into one’s system. Energetically smiling and laughing creates a joyful vibration that is very supportive of health and well-being.
  4. Mastering Thoughts and Emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions cause health issues. When one holds onto negative thoughts and emotions, they can become buried in the body’s cells as dense, heavy energy, and over time, this can cause health issues with the part of the body where they are held. Focus on holding onto positive thoughts and emotions. Shift negative ones when they enter. Do a "house cleaning," releasing what is being held inside. Focus on gratitude and manifesting a positive future.
  5. Love Yourself and Your Body. Use the practice of loving all aspects of one’s body – every part of it. The body takes commands through thoughts and emotions that an individual holds onto. Case studies related to working with the emotional and mental connection to the body, show that serious health issues can be caused by hating a part of one’s body. Those who send positive thoughts to their body help create health and wellness on all levels. A primary reoccurring emotional/mental cause of health issues is low self-esteem. It is equally important for one to love and like herself, the whole of who she is, as well as her body. Affirmations like, “I am awesome!” serve as powerful reminders.
  6. Engage in Visualization. If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then the tool of visualization is powerful. One can visualize their health and healing. Visualization works best while in spiritual alignment, meaning taking direction from one’s heart and soul versus the ego mind. Try adding feelings to visualizations. Experience the feelings as if what is happening in the visualization is occurring in the present moment. This helps propel the manifestation!
  7. Spend Time in Nature. The earth’s surface is charged with free electrons. The surface charge is “ground.” Disconnection from the earth can cause problems with areas such as bones, teeth and the immune system. Spending a few minutes with the earth, gardening with ungloved hands or standing bare-footed on the ground, has many benefits. Wounds heal three times faster. Brain waves are synchronized. Bioelectrical stress is released. Sleep and hormones are regulated.
  8. Meditate Frequently. Meditation comes in many forms. It can describe a state of consciousness, when one’s mind becomes free of its thought-chatter, promoting a deep state of relaxation and awareness. There are many benefits of meditation: like reducing stress, increasing happiness and stability, decreasing anxiety or depression, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing the immune system. Moreover, meditation enhances spiritual growth and enlightenment. That’s a good thing!
  9. Use intention. Using intention should be an ongoing part of everyone’s life. Why? Everything in life follows intention. Set an intention for physical health or assistance during a healing journey. It sets the tone for what will transpire next. Be set up for success with intention, and remember to thank God for it or something even better!

The cells of the human body constantly regenerate. These nine wellness practices support ongoing healthy cellular regeneration. What may seem to be a simple practice can yield huge benefits. Making a commitment to include some or all of these tips into one’s wellness routine is a smart choice. Smart for your body’s health and smart for your wallet!

More information on the above tips and natural self-healing practices can be found in Wellness Wisdom, Ms. McCall’s book inspired by her own self-healing journey with breast cancer. (Read our review of Wellness Wisdom here.) Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, and Certified Hypnotist) is a successful author, spiritual counselor, and Cellular Level Healing consultant. Her specialty is helping those with serious diseases. She fully embraced using the tips in this article during her self-healing journey, and they are an ongoing part of her wellness routine. For more information on Alice, her practice and her book, visit Reused with permission.