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My Body, My Shaper

Amoena breast shapers offer a solution for every type of asymmetry so you can do things with body confidence

breast shaper - group of women

Whatever you like to go and do, you should feel comfortable and confident. After breast surgery (or even naturally), sometimes breast asymmetry can be a challenge. 

So, in collaboration with real women, we have redefined the concept of breast shapers, making exceptional comfort, design and fit more accessible than ever before. Because every woman has earned the right to feel sure of herself - and her body.

Amoena breast shapers offer a shape for every type of asymmetry

Breast shapers can be used inside a bra to compensate when there is missing tissue after a surgery like lumpectomy, or if one breast is smaller than the other due to the effects of radiation or even reconstructive surgery. Every woman is unique and deserves a solution that's right for her — one that can enhance her body confidence. Amoena's comprehensive portfolio gives her plenty of breast shaper options.  

Whatever your fitting challenge, we have a size and shape to help:

Fitting Challenge
One breast is slightly smaller. One breast is significantly smaller. Missing tissue on the lower part of the breast. Missing or uneven tissue on the upper part or side of the breast.
Fitting Solution 

Use Oval to accommodate small differences in cup volume – a double-purpose shape that can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.
oval breast shaper

Use Delta as the go-to shape to compensate for missing volume across the entire breast area. 

amoena delta breast shaper

Use Ellipse at the lower part of the breast to replace volume and push up the entire breast.

amoena ellipse breast shaper

Use Varia at the top or side of the breast – a versatile shape that can be positioned for many different fitting options.

amoena varia breast shaper

Click here to download a one-page info sheet with this chart (PDF). 

Amoena breast shapers have other advantages, as well: 

  • Multiple thicknesses — For whatever degree of symmetry you need to achieve
  • Comfort+ technology — Our patented Comfort+ technology absorbs, stores and releases body head to help regulate and balance fluctuations in body temperature for ultimate comfort all day
  • Smooth transition — Thin, natural-looking edges ensure a smooth transition to the chest.

​We're inviting women everywhere to share their "moments of Balance" with us — times when having the right breast shaper has allowed them to stand confidently and pursue their hobbies and goals with ease. Use #MyBodyMyShaper to share your stories in social media.

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