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Silicone Technology

Amoena manufactures its products under strict conditions, in accordance with ISO 13485 for medical devices. This standard guarantees high product quality and safety for users. Amoena breast forms are made of two materials that are soft on the skin: Silicone and PU (polyurethane) film.

Silicone & PU-film

Silicone is produced synthetically from natural raw materials: sand and carbon. It offers various advantages: Silicone is gentle to the skin, soft, water-repellent and very resistant to chemicals and heat. This means that breast forms adapt quickly to body temperature. Amoena develops and formulates all of its own silicone gel. It is mixed from raw materials and the quality is carefully tested. The phrase “PU film” refers to an extremely durable and high performance film that is very similar to skin in its softness and flexibility – this surrounds the silicone. Biocompatibility tests according to ISO 10993 have shown that the film does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. With this ultra-thin and durable film, the silicone breast form is gentle enough for the skin and body. All Amoena products, whether self-adhesive, particularly soft or lightweight, are covered with a SuperSoft PU film. This finely structured film has a natural, silky appearance and is extremely flexible and soft.

InTouch silicone is a special silicone formula combined with matte and soft film creating a breast prosthesis that looks and feels as natural as possible.
Contact Technologie
Contact Technology
Amoena Contact breast forms adhere directly to the skin without any other ahesives thanks to our special Contact silicone. The breast forms can be removed at any time without leaving any residue. The structured surface with 3D pearls enables optimal adhesion of the breast form.
Adapt Air
Adapt Air Air-Chamber Technology
Adjustable for perfect symmetry. The gold standard in breast forms - for perfect symmetry every time. Our innovative and award-winning Adapt Air air chamber technology allows individual and easy volume adjustment for a perfect fit. Especially with weight fluctuations, uneven scar tissue or swelling due to lymphedema, fine volume adjustment can be helpful and necessary.
amoena custom breast form technology
Amoena Custom Breast Form Technology
Leading standard in custom breast care. The Custom Breast form is precisely adapted to the woman's body thanks to state-of-the-art 3D scan technology - whether after a mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery. In addition, other technologies can be integrated to further customize the Custom Breast Form to each wearer’s individual needs.