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Amoena Today

We want our products to support women's confidence in leading active lives after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Around 400 employees work to achieve this worldwide, including a two-hundred person team at our headquarters in Raubling, Bavaria (Germany). Alongside fifteen subsidiaries and a comprehensive network of distributors, Amoena is represented in more than seventy countries; with the goal to develop innovative solutions for affected women.


history solution

Amoena Solution

We aim to meet the needs of women who experience breast cancer even more comprehensively with the expansion of our Recovery Care portfolio. We pride ourselves on supporting women throughout their recovery journey, from diagnosis to returning to their normal daily lives. We call it the Amoena Solution.
amoena custom breast form technology

Amoena Custom Technology

With our custom breast prosthesis, we are setting new standards in breast care. The outline, cup shape and back of the breast prosthesis are precisely adapted to the individual circumstances using a 3D scan. Our unique modular system lets her choose from our innovative technologies – so her custom prosthesis fits exactly to her needs. In 2020, we celebrated our 45th anniversary. Since our founding, we have sold over 17 million breast prostheses and 30 million Breast Care textiles.
History Adapt Air

Adapt Air Air-Chamber Technology

Thanks to our innovative, award-winning air chamber technology, fitting the breast form has never been easier. The air chamber technology of the Adapt Air breast form allows individual and easy volume adjustment for a perfect fit.

Our breast forms get even lighter

Introduction of the Xtra Light breast form (weight reduction of approx. 40%).

COMFORT+ Technology

Amoena Comfort+ technology offers women optimal temperature regulation between body and breast form. The Comfort+ material absorbs excess body heat and releases it back to the body as needed. This ensures a balanced microclimate at all times and helps reduce sweating behind the breast form.


After breast surgery, every woman enters the highly sensitive recovery phase. Our Recovery Care line was developed directly for the difficult period immediately after surgery to provide support for the healing process right from the start. Our Recovery Care products are the ideal complement to our breast forms and breast care apparel.
History Contact

Contact technology

Amoena Contact adheres directly to the skin with our special adhesive silicone, and follows the movement of the body particularly well, giving women a uniquely natural feeling. The breast from can be removed at any time without leaving any trace.and breast care apparel.

First lightweight breast form

To answer the needs of many women, our first Amoena Lightweight Breast Form is launched. The breast form is 25% lighter than our standard portfolio. 

Swimwear is added to our portfolio

Breast Care Apparel is expanded with feminine, functional pocketed swimwear.
History 1992

Portfolio extension with breast care apparel

The first specially designed mastectomy bras, perfectly matched to Amoena breast forms, are launched.

First patent for 2-layer breast forms

The Nouvelle is the first two-layer breast form with a soft, customizable back.


Amoena USA Corp., Atlanta, is founded. At the end of the 1970s, further subsidiaries follow in Great Britain, France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Australia, Canada, Poland, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Hong Kong and China.


Amoena's path began with Cornelius Rechenberg. His goal was to find a better solution for women after breast cancer surgery than the makeshift aids made of fabric or rubber that were available at the time. A breast form should feel as natural as possible. He was the first to experiment with the soft material silicone, which closely resembles the movement and behavior of the natural breast. He produced the first foil-covered silicone breast form and thus set the standard in breast care that is still valid today.