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Amoena CuraLymph – Get into the flow

Our new CuraLymph products encourage the patient to get into the flow of everyday living.

Amoena has expanded its breast care portfolio to include solutions for lymphedema, a common side effect after breast cancer surgery and treatment. CuraLymph, the new lymph care concept, complements Amoena’s sophisticated product lines and sets another milestone in the effort to improve the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer. 

This whole-patient approach to women’s care after breast cancer treatment follows the patient journey from diagnosis until long after her life has returned to her “new normal.” 

Around 15-30% of women develop lymphedema after breast surgery. Usually, the condition does not occur immediately after breast cancer treatment; its onset can be delayed months to even many years after treatment is completed. And although it affects a large number of patients, lymphedema is often detected too late or not at all. Without therapeutic measures, it continues to progress and the patient’s discomfort increases – with sometimes serious consequences, including quality of life that is greatly impaired.

Amoena offers numerous care concepts to support women in every phase of breast cancer treatment. The new CuraLymph care concept combines products from all three of the company’s focus segments (Recovery Care, Breast Forms & Shapers, and Breast Care Apparel). These product solutions complement each other perfectly and make a relevant contribution to optimal care – giving women solutions every step of the way.

What makes CuraLymph different

Unlike conventional tops and bras whose straps, seams and bands can constrict the tissues and thus hinder lymphatic flow, the newly designed CuraLymph collection has wide, padded straps and soft finishes. And unlike some compression garments intended for post-surgical wear, Amoena’s new CuraLymph line promises wearing comfort and stable, but gentle support. One of the features of the CuraLymph bras is fabric and technology that helps stimulate the tissues, similar to the way lymphatic massage helps lymph flow.

In addition, especially if edema occurs due to radiation or lymph node removal, it is crucial to keep moving. The right amount of exercise is essential – not too little and not too much. Exercise not only stimulates blood circulation but also promotes lymphatic drainage. 

The marketing campaign for CuraLymph, therefore, uses the tagline “Get into the flow,” and the face of the campaign is Karin (60), a breast cancer survivor model. Karin demonstrates through fluid yoga movements how to stay in the movement, in the flow. 

In October 2022, Amoena launched the first CuraLymph products, CuraLymph Comfort. In March 2023, CuraLymph Compression products round out the  portfolio. 

These styles are intended to motivate patients to stay in the flow, bring comfort to the wearer, and reduce the risk or the discomfort of lymphedema. Overall, Amoena aims as always to support women’s confidence after breast cancer.

Amoena CuraLymph products are valuable additions to our care solutions for improving patients’ lives.


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Amoena is the world's leading manufacturer in the field of breast care and the developer of the first silicone breast prosthesis. With more than 45 years of experience, our goal is to combine the function of our breast forms with innovative, award-winning design and the highest level of comfort. Amoena breast prostheses are still manufactured by hand in Raubling, Germany. Amoena’s latest innovation, the Adapt Air breast form, which features air chamber technology, received the Red Dot Design Award as well as four other international design and innovation awards.  To support and empower women on their journey through breast cancer, the Amoena product portfolio of recovery care, breast forms and breast care apparel is designed to support women from diagnosis to their return to everyday life. Today, around 400 employees worldwide work toward this mission with full commitment and passion.

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