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If day-long freshness and cool comfort are priorities for you, the revolutionary new Energy breast form range from Amoena offers the perfect solution. Whether you are exercising, undergoing treatment or experiencing menopausal symptoms, Energy breast forms will help your body to breathe freely.

Key benefits

  • Unique Comfort+ temperature-regulating technology,helps maintain a constant body temperature
  • Reduces perspiration and increases evaporation rate when temperature rises
  • Weight reduction on Light & Cosmetic forms helps alleviate shoulder, neck and back strain
  • Amoena Energy breast forms are supplied in a soft carry-case for discreet storage.

Energy Light 2U Breast Form-341 - Ivory

Order Code: 341 Energy Light 2U
1 /
Order Code: 341 Energy Light 2U
  • InTouch Light Silicone; An improved silicone formulation, creates an ultra-soft breast form with the most natural appearance and feel possible
  • Average cup fitting, anatomical curve sits under the arm leaving for remaining tissue
  • Symmetrical UNIVERSAL shape - can be worn on either the left or right side and offers more fitting options
  • Breast form including Comfort+ (30% more than in Natura Comfort+)
  • Light breast forms are 25% lighter than standard silicone breast forms of the same shape and size


Revolutionary breast forms with temperature-regulating technology for all-day comfort and freshness. Perfect if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms.




PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material

Hello, if i would like to buy a breast form for...


Hello, if i would like to buy a breast form for a survivor overseas, what information do i need to select the correct option?


Hello and thank you for your message.  Depending on which country she is in, there are Amoena websites in Europe and ship locally.

As well, a proper fitting would be needed.  If you know her bra size, then we can estimate the breast form size but there are many shapes, and depending on her non surgical side, the shapes really can vary quite a bit.

It is very difficult to estimate size and shape otherwise.



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Hi Why am I not able to find Item 347 on your ...


Hi Why am I not able to find Item 347 on your website?


Hello and thank you for your message.  If you are referring to our Energy 2U #347S breast form, it is still available.

You can connect with a retailer near you and if they do not have it in stock they can order it in for you.


Hope this helps.


Take good care.

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Best ever prosthesis

This is my second energy light prosthesis .It is excellent for exercise and every day use and the unique shape makes it less bulky and easy to fit in most bras. I have tried other prostheses but this is by far the best.

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