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Breast Form Care Instructions

Proper care for Amoena breast forms and detailed instructions for Contact breast forms

Amoena breast forms are incredibly resilient and are designed to stand up to the normal everyday demands placed upon them. If cared for correctly, your breast form should last you for many years.

However, take care not to puncture your breast form with sharp objects, such as pins or pet claws, as repair is not possible. Use of talcum powder and body lotions on or around your breast form should also be avoided

Silicone Breast Form Care Instructions

To ensure your breast form remains in good condition, you should wash it every day with soap and water* and dry with a soft cloth or towel. When not being worn, you should keep your breast form in the cradle provided, as this will help to maintain its shape. 

 * Special care instructions apply to the Contact range of breast forms, shown below. Our Soft Cleanser is recommended because it is designed specifically to work with the adhesive backing on the forms.

Self-Adhesive Breast Form Care Instructions

Special care instructions apply to  Amoena Contact range of breast prosthesis:

care instructions for Amoena contact breast forms

1. Put three drops of the Soft Cleanser on the dry adhesive surface and then moisten the special brush with lukewarm water 




care instructions for Amoena contact breast forms

2. Now scrub the adhesive surface with the special soft brush firmly for about three minutes in circular movements.




care instructions for Amoena contact breast forms

3. Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.





care instructions for Amoena contact breast forms 4. Finally, allow to air-dry.