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The Amoena Lymph Care Concept is ideal for patients after breast cancer surgery with mild lymphatic disease in the thoracic and/or chest area.

Our Lymph Care concept offers product solution that complement each other and make a contribution to holistic care.
The CuraLymph Comfort Products and certain Breast Care Textiles are designed to prevent blocking of the lymphatic drainage, which can be caused by pressure peaks or constrictions. Together with the Adapt Air or our lightweight breast forms, these products are suitable for patients with mild oedema.

Our CuraLymph Compression products complement our existing portfolio to provide optimal patient care. Medical compression supports lymphatic drainage by increasing interstitial pressure. This is ideal where lymphoedema has developed in the thoracic wall and/or chest. External pressure, in combination with movement of the thoracic area, has a positive effect on reducing the protein-rich lymph, as this pressure activates the lymphangiomotor system.

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