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Amoena Survivor Model Photoshoot

3 women, chosen during a recent Amoena competition, became the latest Amoena Survivor Models.

In an Amoena exclusive, we will take you behind the scenes of the photoshoot so you can see what really happens. First, let’s introduce you to the women sharing their hopes, needs and desires for fashionable clothing.

Nicole, 52

A daycare teacher and multi-sport athlete who wears either an Amoena Contact Breast Form or an Amoena Natura Breast Form 

Our Mission:
Amoena Survivor Model PhotoshootNicole told us she wanted to honor her inner fashionista whilst being comfortable enough to sit on the floor to play with the children! 

Confident Underneath
The Lucy wire-free bra is a classic, neutral, fun pattern straightened Nicole’s posture, giving her a lift and a touch of femininity with soft lace detailing. The Annette underwire bra on the other hand, gave her a bright bold alternative and an extra bit of va-voom! 

Fashion at Home & On The Go
Amoena Active wear and Leisure wear collections fitted Nicole beautifully and worked perfectly with her lifestyle. The Harmony High Neck Top proved to be comfortable and stylish whilst the Amoena Active wear Long Tank Top fitted her perfectly.  

Carole, 37

Pressed “pause” on her career, to focus on family after her breast surgery. 

Our Mission:
Amoena Survivor Model PhotoshootTo honor her inner fashionista so she can continue to write and run a busy household. She didn’t want to feel like a mum on a night out and wanted to enjoy cosy nights in too. 

Confident Underneath
Amoena’s seductive lingerie gave her body confidence that started on the inside and showed on the outside! The Amelie wire-free bra and briefs ticked all the right boxes for Carole, whilst the Rebecca set in cherry highlighted her brunette hair and gorgeous skin. 

Cozy Moments at Home
For cozy moments at home the supportive yet flirty Amoena Home Nightgown gave Carole just the right amount of coverage and a secure pocket for her leisure form

Great Looking Outfits
The Valletta top gave Carole a pop of colour and is a great basis for so many great looking outifits (look out this season for the Valletta in Jade and Orchid). 

Corinne, 41

Works as a Managerial Assistant at a hospital, dresses professionally for the 9 to 5 hours and lives life to the fullest! She loves to shop, travel, workout, bake and ride horses. 

Our Mission:
Amoena Survivor Model PhotoshootTo access her inner active fashionista and rock her workout regime. 

Confident Underneath
To compliment her bright personality we selected the Karla wire-free bra for Corinne, and recommended the Power wire-free sports bra for her active lifestyle, giving her full body movement in complete comfort.  

Movement & Comfort
With an Amoena Contact Breast Form, workouts are no problem – Corinne can wear hers to yoga, whilst Nordic walking or at her Zumba class. The Power wire-free sports bra keeps everything in place, but allows body movement and caters to her comfort with adjustable elastic straps. The Amoena Tank Top, with its high neckline and built-in bra with COOLMAX® ACTIVE pockets, flattered Corinne’s figure perfectly with its bold, diagonal color blocks. 

Behind the Scenes…
Corinne said the Jane Padded wire-free bra felt like satin sheets – and fits beautifully! 



Club Amoena members can read the full behind the scenes story in the latest edition of the Amoena Life Magazine along with other great articles, fashion tips and inspirational real-life stories. If you are not already a member of Club Amoena you can register online