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Get Your Top Drawer in Top Form

Fill your lingerie drawer with these must-haves for luxury and style

get your top drawer in to form
Whether you line it with patterned paper, tuck a lavender sachet into the corner or use organizational drawer dividers (you fancy-pants, you!), your lingerie drawer can reflect—and perfect—your personality. Believe us! 

When your “foundational garments” make you feel confident and beautiful, that shows in your attitude. We asked one of the experts from LiviRae Lingerie and star of the new Lifetime® hit reality show, Double Divas, Molly Hopkins, to give us her top-drawer tips. What does every woman need in that all-important bureau bin?

“You should have a good-fitting bra for every day of the week, because you wear them every day of the week she says on the show’s website. Start with three or four, and build up to seven, replacing as needed each season. 

In addition, Hopkins suggests: 

  • Fabric Care: Lasting Care Quick-Fix Clothing Sponge. An ingenious little tool! Now you don’t have to wash your whole blouse when you get a minor deodorant stain. The Quick-Fix sponge works to remove marks and streaks in seconds, and has a coarser side for tougher removals.

  • Panty Perfection: No-Show panties. One staple that a lot of women fear is a set or two of no-show panties. Even if you can’t abide a classic thong, there are new hip-hugger versions with stretch fabrics that might be right for you. Laser-cut edges will lay extra-flat against your skin for low visibility. Your fashionably fitted pants will thank you. 

  • Get Even: A comfortable enhancer. Amoena’s Balance symmetry breast shapers fit the bill. Made to create an even silhouette—if your breasts are different sizes, or you’ve had breast surgery—these silicone enhancers have the thinnest edges, so they’re always invisible. “You can get a little ‘boost’ without having to wear another garment” Hopkins advises. 

Don’t forget something lacy or embellished that makes you feel really pretty, and your drawer will be outfitted for the perfect attitude, every day (and night)!