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Find the Best Mastectomy Bra for Shape and Support

Which pocketed bra will fit you best? We'll help with that: Shop for your shape with these tips.

best mastectomy bra amoena



So many bra styles, how do you choose? Shopping for a new bra always seems promising… with the pretty lace, new colours, and matching sets, it should be fun to choose. But it’s sometimes difficult to know which Amoena bra will fit you best.  Here’s a handy guide you can use to narrow it down. Of course, an appointment with your certified bra fitter is the best course of action – it’s important to get her professional guidance. But try these tips to get started. 


What's the best bra for a big bust?

multiway best mastectomy bra - strapless amoena bra Barbara nude

Underwired Bras - They are stronger and more supportive than fabric alone. 

Remember! Dark colours minimize. 


How to maximise a small bust?

Amoena best mastectomy  bra - non wire bra soft bralette

Padded Cups to boost your curves whilst smoothing scars or unevenness.

Non-Wired Bras go for comfort if support isn't as critical.

Remember! Colours and patterns can draw attention and maximise size without even trying. 

How to minimize wider hips or hide a little tummy?

Dark colours to give the illusion of slimmer hips.

High waisted briefs or higher side seams redefines sexy and offers extra coverage.  

Remember! Camisoles cover all the way down.

How to address limited mobility or sensitive areas?

front closure best mastectomy bra amoena ellen black

Front Closure Bras No trouble reaching behind.

Non-Wired Bras  There's no chance of irritating your skin or scars.


Camisole tops with built-in bras might be all you need. Discover our  Valletta tops

best mastectomy cami with built in bra amoena valletta

There’s no right answer — though we stand by these recommendations, you might prefer something else, and that’s okay. 

We’re here to help you find your best fit for every situation.